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Rare Snow in Rome – Astrology Explains

Snow in Rome Explained by Astrology

They say it never snows in Rome.

Let’s consider this:

Snow is crystalline, it is frozen water from the clouds that take a variety of shapes and sizes.

Cancer (Moon) is the first of the watery triplicity,

Scorpio is the second one (Pluto) and Pisces (Neptune) is the last one.

Gemini (Mercury) is the first of the airy triplicity, Libra (Venus) is the second one and Aquarius (Uranus) is the last one.


There is a lot to consider when looking astrologically at this rare event. Snow is ruled by water signs, more specifically I could search Neptune which rules the Snow, as it is mutable and watery and takes forms.

Neptune just entered (yesterday) its signs of Pisces, a generational planet, and the most important one when changing signs, due to its long period and planetary transits to astrological charts. Neptune is strong but subtle, its energy is considered to be of a touch that is subliminal and far-reaching to feel its presence.


But once in transit, this planet brings transcendental experience to the individual or a nation, whereas one feels delusional or advanced in the spiritual realm that shall present the abstract as a considerable art for reading heaven’s tales. The trident planet brings confusion and is impossible. Pisces changes in a blink whatever it is at the moment, the symbol is two Pisces in opposite directions, meaning one mixed emotion that goes in two directions at once.


But… Snow needs to ‘move’ by the air. Uranus rules Aquarius and the 11th house, they are from the air element and are unpredictable.

So, searching for Italy’s chart, I found two interesting mundane charts for Italy, which mark the Kingdom of Italy in 1871 and the Republic of Italy in 1946. Let’s try to decipher using Astrology as a tool for a deeper analysis of the event of snowing in Rome. I confess I haven’t read anything yet astrological about Italy’s chart, but I did my search.

In the chart of 1871… I realized:


Transiting Pluto (heavy) is a conjunction Natal Moon (Water) in Capricorn (Cold) by 0 degrees in the 3rd house (Mercury). And it is in exact opposition (stress) to Jupiter in Cancer by 0 degrees as well in the 9th house. The transiting Sun in Aquarius (magnetism, unpredictable) is in the Natal 4th house (Moon).

I haven’t seen any connection of transiting Neptune to the chart, or Pisces or the twelve houses… a useless transiting Neptune trine Natal North Node in Cancer by 0 degrees should be of a little help here.

Transiting Venus in Pisces is Opposite Natal twelve house by 5 degrees. Transiting Mars retrograde in Virgo is almost a conjunction with the Natal 12th house, but it is still in the Natal 11th house of unpredictable events.

In the chart of 1946 Italy

Transiting Uranus in Aries is conjunction Natal 5th house, while it is opposite by 1 degree Natal 11th House of unpredictable events.

Transiting Fast Moon (Water) in Gemini (Mutable) is a conjunction these 2 days Uranus, Sun, and the North Node in Gemini (Mercury) in the 8th house of Scorpio (intense/heavy).

Transiting Neptune in Pisces in conjunction with Natal 4th House (Moon) by 2 degrees. Transiting Venus in Pisces is there too, but not as a conjunction.

It is difficult to find out which one is correct, every country has a chart that delivers answers astrological, but each astrologer must find their answer for what time and the main event marked the hour and date for its country progress to be what it is nowadays.

Global climate changes have been happening for a time now in the world. Pluto in Capricorn (2008) has also a lot to do with it since Pluto rules deep changes and transformation, the destruction that has to be made for one to be reborn again, while Capricorn rules the old and is deeply connected with Earth’s surroundings.

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