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A Journey Through The Tarot Major Arcana

The Major Arcana: A Journey

The Major Arcana is typically referred to as a useful tool that defines our life’s journey and destiny through different scenarios. According to my tarot readings, the journey begins when you allow yourself to gain more knowledge by mastering your full potential. The tarot deck helps us to discover our peace of mind and materialize the ideal path for our well-being.


Why you should be part of the Journey

As stated above, Major Arcana speaks to the soul’s journey in different manifestations. It can be easy or difficult, but in the end, we all progress in one treaty. It narrates the issues, events, and people who make up our day-to-day activities. Read along and understand the major practical tarot reading.


  • It turns out that Tarot reading tells us that life isn’t as easy as we think. But also, it is not as difficult as it sounds. For instance, the World represents our spiritual awareness regarding the accomplishments and lessons learned on the way.
  • Even if the cards tend to cross over each other, which is equivalent to the situations and talks that feel like bondage, it can be easily explained when The Devil represents the eight swords. Traditionally, it can be drawn back to the situation where you feel like you are in slavery, but you get a chance and slip off through the eight swords toward victory.
  • Sourcing back to the Tarot reading, the slavery situation would point towards a confusing situation where you feel trapped in many life demands. It can be additional pressure from work, home, school, and relationships. At this point, other forms of cards will help you to understand the current situation further. The Devil with the eight swords, for instance, represents a pattern of trapped feelings and deep thoughts. The pattern tends to disfigure the feature’s realities.


The Major Arcana-In Depth Explanation of the Tarot Deck

The journey of life is made up of 0 to 21 cards. They tend to teach us how we should live in this world of heightened emotions through different spiritual guides. Allow me to introduce to you ten different suits of the Major Arcana:


0: The Fool. He symbolizes the beginning of the journey to being innocent and eager to learn. He conveys one message: living in the present but completely different alternatives with lots of zeal and curiosity. One thing is that The Fool will never worry about where the journey will begin or end. He knows the fact that he exists at the moment.

1: The Magician. In other words, it defines the male animus as the leading persona for all our skills, activities, and abilities that relate to our outer world. He describes how we learn from different life events. He also represents one’s responsibilities and disciplines, unlike the Fool, who is quite aware of the significance of his life’s decisions.

2: The High Priestess. She represents the anima or female first line. Our skills and inner energy reflect the internal world and the ability to make decisions without external influence. The card symbolizes how we interact and think about different things. It also illustrates the unknown and life’s difficulties in terms of trusting the present situation and the future beyond.

The Empress Card

3: The Empress. It represents our Mothering experiences that concern our day-to-day emotions and nurturing. Her actions are easily illustrated by the internal feeling and birth of life, which results from mutual love. She brings home the message of hope, passion, and creation with Mother Earth’s help, who celebrates her joint gifts. It helps us to celebrate and recognize our senses as well as the natural world.

4: The Emperor. He is the Father figure and depicts authority with a clear view of understanding and reason. He is the primary mirror of the Empress and is more concerned with life’s struggles. His message is to help us to live in a stable society where everyone can attain his goal. He wishes that all children must have a firm foundation and stable health to achieve their best in life. He also appreciates the rules and laws of society which help you to have an undisturbed life.

5: The Hierophant.  The card represents our education through different organizations. In general, he describes religious training, school, and cultural norms. He teaches us to learn and respect the accomplishments of our forefathers. He also never forgets to remind us to use the current resources that are available to use. Also, he reminds us not to forget our traditions but to act upon them as we experience different values.

More from the Major Arcana

6: The Lovers. It symbolizes our teenager’s life and the adolescent experiences regarding hormones, sex, and self-reliance. Besides, it also tells us to make good use of our time by balancing our life choices. Don’t allow your emotions to control your life, and consider the positive and negative factors before coming up with one decision. Choose wisely and don’t allow passion to have control over you.

7: The Chariot. The card allows us to see life from different perspectives. It enacts the ability for us to visualize both sides of an issue. It illustrates the end of doubts and regrets. In other words, we are engaged in reasoning and seeing beyond our expectations. You must also recognize the ability to maintain your inner peace amid distractions and know that you are more than what society thinks. It also reminds us to celebrate our accomplishments.

The Strength

8: The Strength: The card allows us to understand and learn to control our thinking and self-control. She reminds us that we all have enough strength, courage, and power to tackle more than we can realize. Also, we learn to live with much ease and use our abilities at the right time. We are reminded not to allow our inner strength and power to control us.

  1. The Hermit: The card tells us that we need to find our inner peace concerning the lessons we have learned and learn to appreciate ourselves. The process helps us to understand ourselves without other people’s opinions.
  2. The Wheel of Fortune: As far as inner peace and balance is concerned, we also want to be prepared when passing by the Wheel of Fortune. Our inability to see the next future is what makes something happen without our concise. The card tells us with two folds. On the one hand, it reminds us that life is complete with ups and downs, while on the contrary, it shows us that our life events are neither bad nor good. It is especially based on how we choose to live and continually narrates to you to focus on different challenges.

Understanding Tarot Readings “The Bible of Bibles” 

Look for your favorite tarot deck that especially speaks to you both emotionally and physically. Select one that you love and put it in your journal where you can easily see it. Remember to take your card each day and look at it for a few minutes. After that, write your emotional reaction, what you see, and the impact feeling. You can practice meditating at least three times per day, but not more than that since you will confuse the interpretation in your thinking. You find that the personal connection between the card and you tends to trigger your thinking process creatively.

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