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7 Ways to Become an Accurate and Intuitive Psychic

7 ways to become a psychic

There are those individuals who would claim that developing psychic abilities is a hard task. This is not true! The only reason that this might be hard for you is when you are not conversant with the ideal ways of developing your psychic abilities.

Therefore, before you are discouraged about developing these abilities, you must consider going through some form of guidance to lead you. The article below lists seven effective ways to easily become the psychic you want. Pay attention!


1. Relying on different forms of psychic exercises

Different types of psychic exercises will ensure you develop your abilities. These exercises are discussed briefly below:

Get to know the different types of psychic abilities

Before exercising on anything that you are not aware of, you must know about the different types of psychic abilities there. The difference in abilities contributes to the variation experienced in psychic people, more so concerning their psychic strengths.


The chakra-psychic experts would term this as the idea of using the “third eye.” This third eye is positioned above your normal two eyes. The visualization exercise involved here is imagining the chakra opening and closing. As you do this, you should pay attention to what is going on in the “inner screen” of the mind. Remember, this should be done with your eyes closed.


Clairvoyance- this is yet another form of psychic ability. It implies the ability to see and access spirit images. A distinguishing aspect of clairvoyance is the idea of “remote viewing.” Just as the name suggests, it refers to the unique ability to view things that the normal common senses cannot view.

In this type of exercise, one must determine a particular location and picture themselves being there. The third eye is responsible for viewing this location, and attention is therefore focused on it.


Clairaudience- unlike clairvoyance, this form of psychic ability gives an individual the power to receive communications from the spirits but in sound forms. A person here is taken as a medium of communication, e.g., a telephone.  Practicing this type of ability begins by first developing one’s inner voice. This is achieved by repeating a particular word in mind and going over it repeatedly.

The last psychic ability that you might come across is clairsentience which refers to an individual’s ability to sense the existence of spirits within, including their personalities and emotions.

2. Regular practice using small objects

Ever wondered why there are those individuals who would sniff on clothes during criminal investigations? Well, this is one of how you can practice your psychic ability. The main idea here is to try to use an object that has already been used rather than unused.

Try this- take an object, hold it, and shut your eyes while at the same time relaxing and feeling the object itself. What does your body feel? Take a moment to ask yourself whether the object belonged to a woman or a man, are there any emotions that the object’s owner had, or what kind of profession did the owner engage in?

This is just but a good way to exercise your psychic ability by simply using small objects. Remember to note down your instincts and compare them with facts.

3. Meditation

Focusing on your sixth sense is another requirement that will boost your psychic abilities. To achieve this, meditation is necessary. You can try meditating as you wake up in the morning. Before getting out of your bed, try lying down with your eyes shut. Concentrate your attention on trying to notice surrounding smells, textures, and sounds before actually opening your eyes.

This is an excellent exercise done for several weeks. It would gradually enhance your intuition and awareness levels. If getting your mind to concentrate is a problem, psychic experts recommend using soft music. Alternatively, one could opt to chant a mantra. Mantra refers to a certain word you choose to repeat several times. The main reason meditation exercise would improve your psychic skills is that it aids in freeing up the subconscious mind.

4. Enhance your subconscious

One of the best ways of improving your subconscious is by relying on and recognizing intuition. Intuition refers to a natural belief that one feels about a particular thing. Different people have varying intuitions, but there are those individuals with the capacity to develop their intuition more than others.

An ideal way of developing intuition would be by fully trusting it. When trusting your instincts, you must ensure that you have pure motives behind everything. As you engage in this type of exercise, it is advisable to note down random feelings and thoughts that could strike you from time to time.

After some time, patterns would likely emerge. At first, the thoughts that seemed random would reconnect and form ideas that could be well understood.

5. Working on your empathy

Many people tend to believe that psychics are more inclined to the emotions of other people. They perceive that psychic individuals can experience other people’s pain or emotions as though they are their own.

Certainly, this is true. Empathy is an aspect that everyone is born with. The only difference lies in the degree of empathy that people have. Empathy can therefore be nurtured and developed.

For example, through the reading of non-verbal cues from people, psychics can better tell about another person’s inner feelings. This is one of how psychic healers use to perceive the emotions of their patients.

6. Learning more about personal energy fields

Developing psychic abilities also demands that one gets to know more about their personal energy fields. This is something that psychics believe in. Electromagnetic fields bound every individual. It is through these mediums that people pass their energies.

Examples of personal energies include chakras and auras. Understanding the different forms of energy guarantees that you can effectively control energy flow in and out of your body.

Undeniably, it could take ages to perfect the personal energy fields, but this can be improved regularly by simply training. In simple language, auras refer to energy fields surrounding the body, while chakras indicate those zones where energy flows in and out of your body.

7. Getting rid of negative energy

Lastly, if you need to obtain or enhance your psychic abilities, it is important to do away with negativity within you. This is because negativity will cloud the psychic abilities that you are trying to nurture.

Always make a point of thinking positively, even when it seems to be a challenge to you. Psychic experts recommend that negativity can easily be eroded by first learning how to control energy flow within your body. This way, you would be in a better position to make any judgments without being distracted in any way.

From the above information, it is evident that developing psychic abilities is not as hard as you might have been thinking. You only need to be consistent in trying to develop your abilities from time to time.

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