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Simha Rashi

Simha Rashi

Simha Rashi is the fifth zodiac sign in Vedic astrology.

It corresponds to the Leo sign.

The ruling planet of Simha Rasi is the Sun.

The Simha Rasi is symbolized by the Lion and ruled by the element FIRE.

This Rashi comes under Magha, Poorva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni (Pada 1) Nakshatras.

The lucky colors for the Simh Rashi are RED, GOLDEN and ORANGE.

Simh Rasi : Personality Traits

The Simha Rashi people are quite sociable and with their friends. They are not dominating in their behavior with their loved ones. They are known for their positive attitude and optimistic outlook towards life. They love socializing and are the center of attraction in any party or gathering.

Friends who will make them feel superior will be showered with their generosity and affection. Advice from others will not be encouraged and will be an affront to their ego. They are selective in making friends but enter into long lasting friendships. Honesty and frank communication mark their friendships.

Normally Simha Rasi traits show that they have plenty of force and zeal which converts into performance when they are interested in a particular project. They are honest and quick but tend to be lethargic and rash at times. In their eagerness to do things they end up in overvaluing things and spend excessively.

Physically the Lions are bestowed with a good body with lot of strength. Their obstinacy will be an impediment to overcome any negative traits but will help them to accomplish success in life. They are endowed with very good endurance and leadership qualities that will motivate others to perform.

People born in Simha Rashi try to dictate others and their word will be the last word on everything. Sun symbolizes ego and determination. This aspect of their character will make them scheming personalities who like to usurp all powers. Ego and determination will be evident in all facets of their character.

Simha Rashi : Health

Digestive disorders are likely for people born under the Simha Rashi. Other problems can be work related stress, cardiac illnesses and backache. Heart illnesses can be avoided with good healthy food and regular exercises. They tend to get stressed very easily which may reflect in the form of fevers and muscle spams.

Simha Rasi : Finance

Good financial management by the Simha Rasi will result in excess money even after excessive spending. Life will be enjoyable with acquisition of properties. They are known to be generous and helpful.

The Simha Rasi people will need to go easy on their spending if they wish to save for the rainy day. They just don’t seem to be able to let go of their shopping sprees. They do not worry about financial problems. They are adaptable enough to reduce their expenses and increase their earnings when it comes to times of financial difficulties.

Simha: Relationships

The Simha relationship with family is marked by flexibility and commitment which will result in harmony. They are very romantic and will indulge their lovers and partners. They tend to be loyal and loving. But they will also need to assert themselves from time to time. This might not go down well with their soul mates and can lead to fights and arguments.

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Simha : Professions

Because of their imagination and creativity, careers suitable for the Simha Rashi are Media Professionals, Artists and Musicians. They also make excellent teachers and mentors as they have great oratory skills. They need to be in a profession where they are the boss and they have an audience to talk to. Acting and artistic fields too are a good options for the Simha.

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  1. This is mostly accurate, especially about Simha’s courage and physical strength.

    But Simha can also be aggressive, fierce, determined, passionate, courageous, bold, temperamental, and athletic.

  2. I was born under the Simha Rashi sign! This describes me better than my Sun Sign. I am a woman born under the Sun sign of Taurus, but I feel and act more like a Leo, and now I know why! This was very helpful, and I’m so thrilled that I discovered it! Now I know that some people are more like their Rashi sign than Sun sign, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

  3. Can you give a list of popular people born in Simha Rashi

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