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Mithun Rashi

Mithun Rashi

Mithun Rashi is the third sign that corresponds to the Gemini zodiac sign. The lucky color for this zodiac is YELLOW and ORANGE.

This Janma Rashi is ruled by planet Mercury and symbolized by the Twins. The element that rules over Mithuna Rasi is Air.

The Nakshatras that comes under this Vedic moon sign are Mrigashira (Pada 3, 4), Ardra and Punarvasu (Pada 1, 2, 3).

Mithun Rasi : Personality Traits

Mercury gives a highly flexible personality to the Mithun Rashi individuals. These people can easily fit into different circumstances with ease and even appear different to different persons from time to time. Instinctively they change their conduct from people to people and from time to time.

Impact of Mercury is seen in every aspect of of the Mithuna Rasi. They are wavering in their behavior and there appears to be a lag between their actions and thinking. Though different actions will be attempted by them simultaneously, concentration on any specific job is not apparent.

Communication and fluent talking will be their major characteristics. Mithuna Rashi people tend to be inquisitive on all subjects and will be ready to impart their knowledge to interested people. Even when they are ignorant of a particular topic, they appear to be mentally aware of the whole spectrum.

People born in this Gemini Rashi are more realistic in their approach to life and are good in financial analysis. Even in friendship they look for profit to both. But because of their innate nature, they tend to change their social contacts very often. Mercury makes them move around the world a lot, and they become more knowledgeable and lively. They have good creative instincts.

Mithuna Rashi : Health

Mithuna Rasi people do not face any major fitness problems. Likely health problems will be related to respiratory organs and liver. Physically injury to hands and lungs are probable. Illnesses related to bones and joints too need to be avoided. They need to be really careful with their wrist and knees. Regular exercise and fitness is regime is an absolute necessity if they wish to enjoy quality life.

Mithun Rasi : Finance

Mithuna Rashi are capable of making large sums of money but fail to restrict their spending. This will result in more financial liabilities. They are smooth talkers and can get huge amounts of investments if they are to start a new business. But their restless and fickle personality might also make them lose money if they are not patient enough. They will come into a lot of money because of their natural skills, but keeping it without loaning it to someone is the issue.

Mithun: Relationships

In marital matters, Mithuna Rasi people are not particular about commitment and look for more independence. Their spouses may expect more devotion and physical attachment. Mithuna people are attracted to partners who are intellectually stimulating. They need to be challenged mentally by their soul mate rather than physically.

The Mithun Rashi people are known for their sharp tongue when things don’t work out in their interest. It is very difficult to keep them tied down in a stable relationship unless they are deeply in love. Most commitment issues with the Mithuna can be solved by having a face-to-face discussion.

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Mithuna : Professions

Suitable professions for the Mithun Rashi are business, teaching, advertising, media, writing, medicine, sales and public relations. They should be careful about their honesty in whatever they do. They will also make good lawyers, thanks to their gift of gab. As they are the outdoors kinds, sports, adventure thrills related careers too will grab their interest. The Mithuna Rasi people are not the kinds meant for desk jobs. Put them out in the field and they will be most happy.

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