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Tula Rashi: Passion To Do Good Things

Tula Rashi: Keeping Up With Fashion Trends Around You

Tula Rashi is the seventh sign of Vedic astrology.

The corresponding Western zodiac sign is Libra.

Symbolized by the Scales, Thula Rasi stands for balance and temperance.

The ruling planet of Thula Rasi is Venus, and Element is Air. The lucky color for this Janma Rasi is WHITE.

The Nakshatras of Chitra (Pada 3, 4), Swati and Vishaka (Pada 1, 2, 3) come under this moon sign.


Tula Rasi : Personality Traits

Planet Venus endows people born under Tula Rashi with passion and personal charm. These people are careful about their individual outward looks, personal extravagance, grooming and fashion. They liberally use surface beauty makeup aids to enhance their appearance. Staying youthful and attractive forever is their main concern in life.


Thula Rasi people are sincere, hard-working, and interested in achieving success in whatever venture they take up. Success will always follow them if the environment is peaceful and harmonious. They dislike pretenses and unnecessary showmanship. They are pleasant and gracious in their dealings with others. In communication, they can be brief but to the point.

Tula Rasi people take time in making important decisions. They think about all the possible outcomes of their action before committing to something. They are always active and ready to start some new venture or the other. These people are fair and cooperative. They love being social and enjoying themselves with colleagues, friends and family.


Tula Rashi : Health

The health problems of Tula Rasi people are mainly related to the digestive system and the heart. They should pay proper attention to the food they consume. High blood pressure and cholesterol can increase the risk of cardiac illnesses. Regular exercise and good healthy food are a must for these people. Kidneys and pancreas too can face some problems when intake of sugar is high. Take preventive measures for skin-related ailments and allergies.


On the flip side, some of the Thula Rashi people may be timid, impolite and selfish. These individuals may not worry about their personal looks. While they are good at advising others, they have to depend on their partners to solve their own problems. They believe in long-standing friendships with selected people. But at times, their inability to put their thoughts forward can result in ill health and mental tension.

Individuals born during the Tula Rasi eras are conscious of achieving good health. As a result, they embrace the intake of foods that curb depression. These people are careful with their foods, especially those with processed oils that can gain weight. To keep fit, these people have incorporated light exercises into their daily routines.

Thula Rasi : Finance

Progress for the Thula Rashi on the monetary front will be gradual as they advance step by step professionally. Spending will be more for family and friends rather than on themselves. They are very generous and will spend money on their loved ones without thinking twice. These people are also brilliant in financial planning and will make a lot of money in their middle age. They might need to go easy on their spending if they wish to secure their future.

To survive the hard life in the city, the Tula Rashi personality encourages one to have an extra source of income or do part-time business. These people have online businesses apart from their regular works. Their hard work helps them to have loyal customers because they can deliver their promises. These people are good at using technology which plays a huge role in marketing their businesses. Many people copy their style of doing things.

Thula: Relationships

The Tula Rashi people always need to be in a relationship. They do not like to be single or alone. Even if it is a bad relationship, they do not let go easily because of insecurity and fear. But when they are in a happy partnership, they are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of their love. Marriage will drastically change the lives of the Thula Rashi people. They can receive all the devotion from their partners.

The Tula Rashi horoscope encourages spouses to always be there for one another. It tells them to hold and protect their spouses against any harm. Marriages are supposed to foster growth in understanding between two people. Because of their loving nature, these people enjoy high levels of intimacy with their spouses. With committed love comes unwavering support in their relationships.

People born during Tula Rashi express love many times in their lifetime. No matter how many times love disappoints them, these people still love others without remorse. They understand that the amount of love they give out to others will determine the amount of love they receive back. These people encourage others not to always pay back evil with evil.

tula rashi

Tula : Professions

The Thula Rasi people are known for their tact and diplomacy. They will do well in fields that require a balanced temperament. They always make good lawyers, mediators and project managers. These people are also excellent in fine arts, interior design, architecture and consultancy.

The Tula Rasi people are courageous enough to give a shot too high positions they yearn for. These people are not scared of going for higher achievements in their careers. Good planning always helps them to achieve everything they want in their workplaces. They are good at encouraging their workmates that together they can achieve all the objectives in their organization. Every time an audit is carried out at work, these people emerge the best.

The Tula Vedic astrology foretells that a successful academic life precedes a successful career life. These people’s commitment to studying for extra hours will always help them perform well and get good jobs. They can achieve all their career aspirations because they invest well in school. Because of their academic success, these people find it easy to succeed at their workplaces.

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