Vrishabh Rashi

Vrishabh Rashi

Vrishabh Rashi is the second sign in Vedic astrology. It is the equivalent of the Taurus zodiac sign. The ruling planet for this moon sign is planet Venus. The (2, 3, 4) Padas of Krittika Nakshtra, Rohini, Mrigashira (Pada 1, 2) come under this Janma Rashi.

As this sign is symbolized by the Bull, Vrishabh Rasi people are hard working and consistent. The lucky color for Vrishabh is WHITE and PINK and element is EARTH.

Vrishabh Rasi : Personality Traits

People born in Vrishabha Rashi are by nature very affectionate, highly emotional, cool and collected. They rarely lose their temper and they care for others. They are emotional and are creative. They are truthful and devoted to others. These people are interested in knowing the customs of other people. They tend to travel widely all over the world.

Vrishabh Rasi individuals are endowed with a strong build and are obstinate. However they are sensual and charming. They tend to postpone things and have great deal of patience and endurance. While interested in luxuries of life, maintaining good figure and health is their top priority. While showing off their beauty is of importance to them, they will be fond of physical comfort and luxuries. Getting them out of their comfort zone, can be quite a big task.

Vrushabha Rashi characteristics show that they tend to go into minute details before they embark on any venture. This may lead to unnecessary anxiety. They always help people in distress. People born under this moon sign are realistic and can be constructive in their advice. They love beauty and are attracted to good quality stuff in each and every aspect of their lives.

Wealth and rank of others easily attract these Bull individuals. Desire for good company draws them towards social contacts but their timidity may spoil their outings. More occupied with their looks, the Vrishabha Rasi should learn to age gracefully. They are not ready to take risks and think about their future security in whatever activity they undertake.

Vrishabha Rashi : Health

Venus ensures good health for people born in Vrishabh Rasi. Normal ailments are cold, dust allergies, sinus and earache and throat infections. They believe in natural home remedies for any kind of sickness. So it won’t be surprising if they decide to grow their own herbs and vegetables. Weight related illnesses can become an issue in later years.

Vrishabha Rasi : Finance

The Vrishabha Bhavishya Rashi says that financial assets will be created by personal efforts and also by inheritance of family properties. They also have the habit of saving money for the future. They should avoid unnecessary loss of money by trusting others too much. These people believe in saving for the rainy day and plan accordingly. But in a sudden moment of weakness, they might end up giving money to people who have no intentions of returning it.

Vrishabh: Relationships

The Vrishabha relationships with all the members of the family will be excellent. They will be devoted to the family. They will have a good social standing and will take all major decisions related to the family. Their children will excel in studies while their siblings will by highly respectful of them. The Vrishabha Rasi’s sexuality and passion will come to the forefront when they are truly compatible with their partners. Their need for accumulating the best can get in the way of their relationships.

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Vrishabha : Professions

Because of their commitment and industriousness, Vrisabha Rashi people excel as software professionals, research scientists, financial managers, doctors, and media personnel. They also have a natural aptitude for fine arts. Music and art related careers will help their inner talent be seen by the world. Real estate buying and selling too can suit the Vrishabha Rashi personality.

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