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Meen Rashi: Creativity For Survival

Meen Rashi: Need To See Beyond Your Understanding

The Meen Rashi symbolized by the Fish is the last sign in the Vedic astrology system.

The corresponding Western zodiac sign is Pisces.

The ruling planet of Meena Rasi is Neptune and Jupiter.

The lucky color for the Meena is PURPLE.

The Nakshatras of Purva Bhadrapada (Pada 4), Uttara Bhadrapada and Revit Nakshtaras fall under this moon sign.


Meen Rasi : Personality Traits

People born in the Meen Rashi will have rather creative personalities who live in an imaginary world and are disconnected from real life. Neptune symbolizes fantasy and visualization, while Jupiter gives motivation and excitement. Hence, their true picture is not visible, and they will present a charming but mysterious outlook.


The illusionary Meena Rashi personality is ideal for being a psychic or a person deeply interested in creative fields of fine arts and literature. Birth in this Janma Rasi makes them keenly interested in philosophy and spirituality. These people enjoy voyages, athletics and dancing. They avoid confrontations and arguments of any kind. They are ready to make sacrifices to ensure the happiness of their loved ones.


Basically, the Meena Rashi people can be low in confidence and will be introverts with an emotional and timid personalities. To achieve what they want, they may resort to deception. They can be emotional and sympathetic and will become susceptible to their own feelings of empathy. Their penchant for hallucination easily draws them towards drug abuse. They can be lazy and careless but lack the initiative or focus to complete the task on hand.


Meena Rashi : Health

Probable health complaints about the Meen Rasi people are connected with heart, digestion, feet and resistance to the medicine. Water retention, corns in the feet, cramps, varicose veins problems will plague them if they do not take necessary precautions. Cold and mucous-related ailments need to be solved with priority. They are very intuitive and sentimental by nature to succumb to depression and other mental illnesses.

The Meen Rasi people are always choosy on what to eat when they are out for lunch or parties. It is good to learn to say no to some foods when they are on a diet. These people are strict when it comes to choosing what goes into their bodies. If they want to go to a place where people will serve food, they start by having healthy snacks at home. This helps them to be full and hence eat less.

Basically, people born in Meen Rasi are agreeable by nature and willing to adapt to different situations and people. However, there is a contrarian trait, and they can be tough when required sometimes. They are highly impatient, which drives them to strive hard for achieving success in life, and they cannot accept failure. They will be disenchanted with their existence with a nagging feeling of rejection by the world.

Meena Rasi : Finance

The Meen Rashi people are bad financial managers. Hence they have perpetual monetary problems. They have problems concentrating on achieving a particular financial goal. Thus, they are always in a quandary where money is concerned. They are just too confused and lost to decide on their investment and financial planning. But they do make a lot of money by speculation and trading.

Meena Rashi personality encourages one to have a detailed financial plan to avoid running into financial distress. People make financial mistakes at some point in life without knowing. These people are conscious about how much money they spend monthly. With a detailed financial plan, one can track where their money goes.

Meen Rashi : Relationships

The Meena Rashi natives will have pleasant relationships throughout their life. Family life will be good with nice partners and children. They are loving, loyal and caring with their lovers. They like to pamper their loved ones. Devotion is the key aspect to the success of this relationship. But they also need to keep in mind that they receive something from this relationship, else they will only end up depleting themselves of their energy.

The Meen Rashi horoscope explains the importance of one staying in their relationships or marriages no matter the problems they face. These people are not fond of using cheap excuses to leave their relationships. Most times, they will smile while hugging their friends, spouses or partners. This is one way they use to make others feel special.

Meena Rashi people have big aspirations with people they are in relationships with. These people do not waste time in relationships because they plan to achieve serious activities. They know how to create perfect relationships by spending time with others. The trust they give their spouses helps them not to give up on each other.

meen rashi

Meen : Professions

People born in the Meen Rashi excel as artists, poets, musicians, philosophers and spiritual leaders. They are emotional and soft people who are attracted to the fine arts. Any routine job will bore them to death. But they also need to keep in mind that they can’t keep waiting for the perfect job all their lives. They have to make a start somewhere.

The Meen Rasi people take their time to study what is happening in their lives. They take time to figure out the profession to get into. One thing that keeps them going is that they are always working to become perfect at what they do. They appreciate the work they do, and they do it to their level best.

The Meen Vedic astrology enlightens people that there are some tasks they need to handle alone. No matter how much one relies on teamwork, there are tasks in life that need individual effort. These people have mastered the art of working perfectly, whether in a team or as individuals. The art of being dynamic makes them fit in many careers. These people are the best employees when working for someone.

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