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Makar Rashi: Planning For A Long Life

Makar Rashi: Hard Work Brings Success

Makar Rashi is the tenth zodiac sign in Vedic Astrology, whose equivalent star sign is Capricorn.

The ruler of Makara Rasi is planet Saturn or Shani.

The Sea-Goat and element Earth symbolize it.

The lucky color for this Vedic moon sign is RED, WHITE & BLUE.

The Makar Rasi includes the Uttarashada (Pada 1, 2, 3), Shravana, Dhanishta (Pada 1, 2) Nakshatras.


Makar Rasi : Personality Traits

Saturn, the ruler of Makar Rashi, symbolizes long life, restraint and organization. People born under Makara Rasi are industrious and determined to achieve success. They become outstanding leaders with high planning and managing capabilities. They are always ready to take up more responsibilities and powerful positions at work.


Status and reputation mean a lot to people born under the Makar Rasi. They are ambitious and hard-working as they strive to be the best in their jobs. They have strong willpower and are reasonable in their dealings. These people always follow the rules and regulations. They are disciplined and responsible when working with others.


The Makara are sticklers of convention, and they will be happy with people who make them feel superior. Their happiness lies in acquiring material objects. In marriage, these people prefer to be the boss of the relationship. They want to be familiar with all the social norms, and their behaviors are based on these standards.


Makara Rashi: Health

The Makara Rasi have issues with skin allergies, rashes, and itching. Their discipline will help them stay fit. They face normal health problems that are connected to teeth, skin, and bones. Decaying teeth and gum infections might be a reason for them to worry about. They need to have enough calcium to ensure that they don’t suffer from fractures or osteoporosis.

People born during the Makar Rasi periods are encouraged to keep their bodies hydrated every day. They can avoid dehydration by drinking a lot of water at regular intervals. Water will help to remove toxic things from their bodies. These people have normalized taking liquid substances like tender coconut water. Taking a lot of water also will help these people in excretion.

The childhood of Makara Rashi is a difficult period because they face problems at birth. These people are perpetually worried about their character, which tends to hamper their progress in life. They become diffident and apprehensive. As a result, their self-indulgence may demolish them. With age, they come to terms with these contradictory traits.

The Makar Rasi can be highly aggressive, and they are always thirsty to accomplish something. Their thinking is limited to the job at hand, and sometimes they tend to be lazy.

Makara Rasi : Finance

Financial planning is a strong point of the Makar Rashi. Monetary position grows steadily with age, and thus they will accumulate everything required for the house. They usually do not believe in showing off their wealth but they live well. Instead, they save for the rainy day, which at times is equivalent to hoarding. They plan their expenses and income well in advance. These people are not dependent on anyone for money because they have it.

Makar Rashi personality teaches one to be cautious about their spending when their income is not stable or when they have little income. There are times when one needs to pause foregoing some leisure activities until when they have a stable income. These people try to avoid feeling broke by focusing their spending on things that matter. They are good at avoiding scenarios that may make them go bankrupt.

Makar Rashi: Relationships

By nature, the Makara Rasi are committed to their loved ones. Their family life will be excellent. They are not the kinds who will show their love in public but their love is real. These people are slow to open up but make steady and dependable partners. They believe more in making their partners financially secure rather than a passionate display of affection. But at times, their addiction to work might affect their personal life.

People born during Makar Rashi are good at committing to their marriages every day. They believe that committing to their relationships is one way of protecting their feelings. It is good for one to find reasons to love their spouse or partner. These people know how to love their spouses or partners every day despite their inadequacies.

Makar Rashi horoscope encourages people to create time to be with others. It is okay for one to have meaningful relationships. These people can turn off TVs, radios, phones, and other things that can distract their conversation. Because of their commitment to relationships, other people find it fun to live with them. The people they love matter in their lives. These people also find it important to celebrate victory moments with important people in their lives.

makar rashi

Makara : Professions

The Makar Rashi people are practical and down-to-earth. They will succeed in the areas of Jewellery, Architecture, Marketing, Fine Arts and Computers. These people are severe and meticulous in their work. Professions associated with detailing will be suitable for them. They are slow workers. As a result, their precision is not seen in any other zodiac sign. Investing in consultancy, accountancy, law and welfare, politics will be excellent job options for the Makar Rasi people.

The Makar Rasi people work hard to specialize in their careers. At the time when they are starting their careers, these people accept to start from the lowest level. These people understand that for them to be successful, they have to learn from people with experience. Gaining experience from others is what will expose them to better prospects as they grow in their careers.

The Makar Vedic astrology encourages people not to give up on themselves. Every person is worth it. These people easily advance their education as a way of growing their careers. They believe that more education brings more success to their doorsteps. They are always ready and eager to learn new things that will make them grow in their careers.

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