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Your Partner Is Lazy In The Relationship: How To Know

Signs of A Lazy Relationship

If you want to know your partner is lazy in the relationship, you are in the right place. Let me first explain myself to avoid confusion. A partner being lazy in a relationship doesn’t mean literal laziness. I don’t mean your partners are leaving you to do all the house chores while they sit to watch television.


What I mean is a partner who makes no effort to maintain and keep the relationship working. Some partner knowingly or unknowingly develops the habit of being lazy when in a relationship.

They feel very relaxed in the relationship leaving their partners to shoulder all the responsibilities of keeping the relationship on the right path — lazy partners expect their significant other to do all the things to keep the relationship going. It’s either they don’t care or believe the other partner is mandated to keep things running.


They don’t compromise, commit, make sacrifices. They are selfish and take decisions independently without referring to their partner, even if it involves them.

Such acts can make the relationship stressful and not worthy of keeping. Here are signs that your significant other is being lazy in the relationship.


1. They Want Things to go their Way

Lazy partners make no effort to maintain the relationship, as they always prefer things to go their way. During critical decision-making, they want the result to be in their favor. They prefer their partners to do the visiting and may never visit them.


During a date, they choose a place closer to them to keep them in their hood. Lazy partners always want to be in their comfort zone at the expense of their partner. Being with such a person means you will have a lot of work to do. Whenever you decide to relax, the relationship may begin to fall apart.

2. They Don’t Include You In Decision Making

Since they want things in their way, they don’t usually include you when making decisions. They don’t want your opinion because it may affect the way they want things to do. So when planning for dates, making a lifetime decision, your opinions may not be included.

This makes you practically non-existing in their lives because a partner who values you would want to seek your opinion when doing things. Would you want to spend your entire life with such a partner? For me it’s a no, I don’t know about you.

3. You Are Mostly Not Part of Their Activities

They don’t include you when making decisions, so how will they make you part of such activities. They planned to go on hiking or watch a movie without considering you, so how will they invite you to join them. A friend invited them to a birthday party, but they never informed you.

The reality is, they forgot about you. They forgot they have a significant other who would want to spend special moments with them.

This means your partner does not consider you as an important part of them or just being selfish. This is a lazy approach to a relationship, and the earlier you leave, the better.

4. Everything is About Them

We go into a relationship to complement each other to make us better in the long run. We mostly want to share our interests with the person we are dating, make plans together, include them in our plans, and considers their viewpoint. So what if you meet a person who wants everything in the relationship to revolve around them.

They want to be the focal point in the relationship. Their conversations always come with the pronoun “I.” I want to do this, I want to go here, I want to make this move, etc., etc. They always talk about their goals and aspiration without considering yours.

They don’t talk about “we.” and don’t talk about your future together or help you out with your issues. Also, they may not listen to you because all they want is to talk about themselves.


The only time they say “we” is when the thing is above them and needs your help. We have to do the laundry and cleaning together because I’m tired. Is such a partner worth your time?

5. Meeting Their Parents/ Going to Meet Theirs Will be in Your Dreams

They are lazy in the relationship. They are not even sure about you; that is why they care about the relationship, and you want to meet their parents or take them to your parents? Dream on! The only time a person decides to meet or introduce you to their parents for a formal introduction is when they are sure about you.

But your lazy partner has not taken the time to think about whether you should be part of their life or not. They are busy thinking about themselves. Also, such an introduction may commit them, and that is what they want to avoid.

6. They Don’t Commit/ Compromise or Sacrifice

Every successful relationship needs the best of compromising, commitment, and making sacrifices. There are times you have to let go of a lifestyle or an opportunity to keep your partner. Some people had to let go of their friends to keep their relationship intact.

This strengthens the relationship and makes it worth all your efforts. But what if you are someone who wouldn’t want to commit, compromise or sacrifice for you even though you’ve been doing it for them? How can such a relationship thrive?

7. They Don’t Make Time for You

Another important ingredient for every successful relationship is making time for each other. Being able to spend quality time together makes you grow a strong bond towards each other, making breaking apart very difficult.

But when you are dating someone lazy in a relationship, they will prefer to spend time with friends than with you. I don’t mean to say it is bad to spend some time with friends but remember that you are dating someone who also needs your time.

If your partner hardly has time for you because they have friends, they spend much time with. You should call it off because they are lazy in the relationship.

I will Prefer to Date Someone Who is Physically Lazy than Someone Who Has a Lazy Mentality Towards Relationships!!

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