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Kumbh Rashi

Kumbh Rashi

The Kumbh Rashi is the eleventh sign in Vedic astrology and corresponds to Aquarius.

Ruling planets of Kumbha Rasi are Saturn and Uranus.

Symbolized by the Water Bearer, the lucky colors for this moon sign are BLUE and BLACK.

The Kumbh Rasi consists of Dhanishta (Pada 3, 4), Shatabhisha and Purva Bhadrapada (Pada 1, 2, 3) Nakshatras

Kumbha Rasi : Personality Traits

Planet Saturn signifies destiny, constraint and refinement while planet Uranus controls setbacks and disorders in life. These planets make people born under Kumbh Rashi unpredictable but still creative and with lot of focus in whatever they do. Lives of these people will be ruled by destiny and there will be remarkable changes. These transformations will be abrupt without any warning because of the influence of Uranus. This also makes them spiritual, imaginative and good at problem-solving.

People born under the Kumbha Rasi will be composed and approach life in a philosophical manner. They will remain unfazed by unforeseen and sudden events. Material possessions of others will not interest them and they like them as human beings. Permanent friendships are effortlessly made by these people because of their personal charm and informal outlook. They are intuitive and know what the other person is thinking. They are soft-spoken and not argumentative. But they will stand up for their beliefs and ideals that they know are right.

In relationships, the Kumbha Rashi natives require their personal liberty and will not like their partners to be unnecessarily dominant and reliant on them. Their fickleness will make them highly quarrelsome. With their unusual interest in the past and future, they forget to enjoy the present. As they are always thinking ahead, their companions are unable to comprehend their approach to life.

The Kumbh Rasi people are endowed with plenty of physical strength and endurance. Their obstinacy will prevent them from overcoming their disagreeable manners and habits. They are highly dogmatic and it will be impossible to make them change their viewpoint.

Kumbha Rashi : Health

People born in the Kumbh Rasi are susceptible to problems with nervous system, respiratory organs, legs, bones and joints. The joints like ankles, knees, wrists have high chances of being afflicted at some point of their life. Proper blood circulation is needed for the blood to flow easily through the veins. These people need to be physically fit in order to discharge the extra nervous energy that they possess.

Kumbh Rasi : Finance

Monetary position will be excellent for the Kumbha Rashi natives. Unexpected availability of money will be enough to cover all their expenses. They are meticulous and plan their finances well ahead. They do not believe in putting all their eggs in one basket and will invest in different modes of income.

Kumbh : Relationships

Family relationships for the Kumbh Rasi will be below normal as they like to be the dominant partners. They like to enjoy their personal freedom and are not willing to compromise. Since they don’t believe in display of affection, it is very difficult for their partners to guess what they are actually feeling. They are more worried about the well being of the whole world than their own personal life. They will only settle down with a partner who is mentally stimulating and shares the same level of understanding.

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Kumbha : Professions

The Kumbha Rashi natives are known for their innovative and eccentric personality. They will be interested in Astrology, Music, Science and Technology, Medicine and Politics. They will be good with electronic gadgets and their working and modification. They will also make excellent scientists and explorers as they are interested in finding out  and understanding more about the unknown aspects of this universe.

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