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Crystal Magic – A Simple Crystal Charging Spell

Charging A Crystal For Magical Use

Crystals have their own ambient energies that are intrinsic to them merely by the natural processes that created them. While these are useful on their own, and can be utilized merely by taking wearing the stone or placing it upon an altar, there are certainly better ways to enhance these properties.

There are a number of methods one can use to charge a crystal for magical use. The most basic of them merely charges the crystal with the energy of the full moon, sun, or both depending on the use you wish to put it to. If you have a specific task in mind for the crystal, a more detailed charging method may be caused for.

There are a number of methods one can use to charge a crystal for magical use

Basic Charging

The most basic method of charging a crystal involves some white sand, a bowl to fill with said sand, blessed water, and a full moon. Using this method you could place the crystal upon the white sand in the bowl. Pour the blessed water over it visualizing the energy the water is charged with infusing both the crystal and the sand.

You could then leave it either in a window, or preferably out of doors where it will receive the full light of the sun and moon. On the night the Moon is at its fullest, bring it back inside and remove the crystal, wrapping it in a simple white cloth and placing it aside until it’s ready to be used.

Even a basic charging magic ritual can be enhanced with a few small touches. If you’re wanting to use a crystal for banishing energies, rather than attracting them, change the color of the cloth and sand to black. Set the spell up for the nights just before the New Moon to take advantage of these properties.

You can research a variety of elements to influence your spell-craft, taking advantage of times of year, astrological influences, and essential oils to help enhance your intended goal.

Magic is very much about natural processes, and you will find that your working will be enhanced by taking the time and effort to perform them in tune with those same rhythms.

This is just a basic introduction to charging a crystal. Use your imagination, intuition, and research to find the best way to fine-tune your crystals for your intended purposes.

This extra bit of care will help increase the chances that they will perform as desired, and produce the results you’re putting such time and care into.

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