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8 Fantastic Feng Shui Tips For The Fall Season

Feng Shui Tips For The Fall Season

As the colors around us change from bright and happy greens to golden red, orange, and yellow hues, our emotions and environments are deeply influenced. Fall is a time of reassessing our lives and letting go of the past. We need to de-clutter not only our homes but also our hearts and our minds. Some Feng Shui tips for the fall season are discussed in this article.


It is easy to fall into the habit of cuddling up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and watching movies all day. But work must be done, and most of us can’t afford to be idle. We have to earn our salaries to survive. We need to break out of the routine and make a few adjustments to our daily routine to get through the change in season with the least possible emotional disruption.


How To Balance Feng Shui For The Fall Season?

To combat the negative energies dominating our lives during the transition from fiery summer to icy winter, we must consider how to incorporate the change to reap the benefits of fall. By embracing fall as a season in its own right instead of just a means of getting from summer to winter, we can make our lives much more comfortable.


You should take a critical look at yourself and eliminate everything that is no longer needed. Be it old habits, beliefs, attachments, or objects in and around our homes that attract and harbor our negative energy. We tend to overlook things in our lives that we can do without just because they are familiar and convenient. We should stop using them as excuses to avoid change. As much as change can be scary, it can be liberating and genuinely free you.


Fall or autumn is also a time to create and harvest, finish old projects, and start new and exciting ones. The reorganization of chi is essential to maintain healthy, positive energy in homes and combat the excessive build-up of Yin energy. Here are some tips for a smooth and graceful transition into the new season.

1. Spend more time outdoors for transitioning into Fall with Feng Shui

You picnic in the park or take the dog for a walk. Soak up the sun’s rays as they grow weaker every day and embrace the bite of the breeze on your cheeks. Use this time in nature to reflect upon your life and identify areas begging for change.

Being in nature will also acclimate your body to the changing temperatures, making it easier to accept. Observe the leaves slowly changing color until they turn completely brown and fall to the ground. Follow their example figuratively, and realize the necessity of eliminating the old to make space for the new.

#2. Take part in the harvest

So buy fresh fruit and veggies from your local grocer following the new season. Think pumpkins, apples, pears, and blueberries. Place a metal bowl on your kitchen table, and keep it stocked with these items. Metal is the element of fall, combining it with the fall colors in the fruit. You will create some positive energy in your kitchen. But you can also place pumpkins around your house.

The orange of the pumpkins is a typical and calming color of fall. Avoid salty and spicy foods, and keep your body warm with warm teas and homemade soups. Try not to eat more than usual – you don’t want extra kilos to get rid of when summer comes.

#3. Redecorate your house

Clear your space of the fiery elements and colors associated with summer. Bring in metal elements and abundantly use the calm shades of fall around your house to help you stay in harmony.

The softer ambiance of fall colors will keep you in balance. Change your linens and drapes and rearrange your furniture. Avoid placing furniture in walkways. During this time, you need open pathways to allow energy to flow freely around your house. Rearrange your closet by packing away your summer clothes and displaying your warmer wardrobe in easy reach.

#4. Gardening

Brighten up your house’s front entrance by raking together, removing dead leaves, and planting colorful seasonal flowers. Fallen, dead leaves bring stagnant energy.

Bringing new plants’ colors and liveliness to your main entrance will block any stagnant energy from outside from entering your house. Fresh, seasonal plants will also give you fresh air when needed most. Nothing says ‘energy’ like newly planted flowers.

#5. Set up the water feature

With the cold air, we tend to keep our windows and doors closed, causing an imbalance of our homes’ water elements. Water also freezes in the chilly climate, causing energy from ponds outside to no longer affect our homes. We will benefit significantly by setting up a water feature indoors to restore the balance.

Better place some floating metal bells in water features to bring in the fall’s element of metal. Consider using water features in your living, dining, family rooms, or any other areas where you spend a lot of time.

#6. Attention to lighting

With shorter days and nights, you lose a lot of light energy. Yin energy can become overwhelming, and the best way to avoid a harmful build-up is to place extra lights in and around your home. Once again, you can use metal lampstands to bring in the metal element.

It would be best to switch your lights earlier, leaving them on longer. You can use a timer to remind you when to switch the lights on and off. Yang energy is vital to keep our environment balanced. We have fewer hours of sunshine and must turn to artificial lighting.

#7. Get enough sleep to practice Feng Shui in Autumn

One will significantly benefit from sleeping more during the season change. But go to bed earlier and get up than usual. Hence, the season changes will be easier if you’re not tired and grumpy! So consider using different bedding for fall and incorporating softer fall colors in your bedroom.

So keep the temperature in your bedroom steady during changing seasons. Avoid sleep interference caused by extreme temperature changes. Heat your body before bed with a hot bath or a warm cup of herbal tea.

#8. Allow for intimacy

Fall is a time of hearty conversation and social gatherings; your seating arrangement should allow this. But there is no point in having chairs and sofas apart. Large open spaces will have a demotivating effect on relationships.

Inspire it by placing seating close to each other, but avoid placing chairs in walkways, making it challenging to move around the house. And while you’ll invite some friends and family to boost intimacy.

Think of something beautiful ceramic tile for your dining room table, a hot pot of fresh soup to place on it, and lots of friends and family to keep you company and cozy.

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