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Mercury In Scorpio Meaning: Persistent And Observant

Mercury In Scorpio Meaning

The Mercury in Scorpio people are interested in what is going around them all the time.

Element And Quality: Water & Fixed

Celebrities With Mercury In Scorpio: Mahatma Gandhi, Oscar Wilde, Pablo Picasso, John Lennon, Walt Disney

Positive Keywords: Focused, Curious, Persistent, Intuitive, Observant

Negative Keywords: Obsessive, Secretive, Pessimistic


The Mercury In Scorpio: Personality


There is no more intuitive zodiac sign in astrology than Scorpio. Their ability to observe and instantly know what’s happening around them is unmatched. So with Mercury in Scorpio, their big thing is acquiring knowledge. But not just facts and figures. They are looking to get to the center of everything.



Planet Mercury symbolizes interaction, learning, decision-making, logic, and reasoning. For Mercury in Scorpio, they focus on learning more than anything else. They absorb every detail of their environment and those around them.


They can size up a situation almost immediately. They can read others like a book while revealing very little about themselves. This doesn’t mean they aren’t passionate people.

Mercury In Scorpio

Positive Traits

As a water sign, the Scorpio Mercury people are extremely passionate about everything in their lives. They don’t show others how important things are to them. They would rather die than have someone find out what they’re thinking.


This is part of their strategic mindset. Mercury in Scorpio is always contemplating their next move and the moves of others. They are always ready to compete. Whether with different individuals or themselves, they strive to come out on top every time. It’s because they assume the worst that they are ready for anything. Their pessimism allows them to be prepared for whatever comes their way.


They are more calm and collected than other people. Often, they have no idea the kind of chaos going on underneath the stone exterior. And that’s just how they want others to perceive them. Mercury in Scorpio will go to great lengths to ensure that no one, not even those closest to them, can see into the depths of their soul.

Negative Traits

When the Mercury in Scorpio communicates, it’s usually to give advice or help others with their problems. If people ask about their lives, they reveal very little. They will only tell people what they want them to know. And hide everything else deep down inside their core. The term poker face fits this star sign perfectly.

This can be frustrating to some people who have a more optimistic outlook on life. But Scorpio wouldn’t have it any other way. They usually understand why individuals do things better than they do. So, they feel obligated to anticipate every possibility that could lead.

This can be exhausting sometimes, but Mercury in Scorpio is highly intellectual and more than capable of handling the stress. It’s simply confusing to other people why they put so much strain on themselves in the first place.

Understanding the Effects of Mercury on Scorpio

This astrology gives you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and take risks that others might not want to take. You push yourself hard to make the best of your life. You always want to advance, and the only way to do this is to be willing to make some sacrifices in your life.

Mercury’s influence makes you confident and curious. Mercury in Scorpio men and women are always focused on finding solutions to their problems, no matter what it costs. Being creative and imaginative gets you places in life, and you are always to give your focus on your all.

Natal Mercury in Scorpio encourages you to bring out the best in people. You are a humanitarian. Your sole purpose is to impact positively on people’s lives. Use your talents to make the world a better place. By making others better, you also better yourself.

Mercury in Scorpio Career

You are optimistic but tend to have a negative impression of many things that you do not understand. Mercury in Scorpio career will only progress if you interact well with your co-workers. Do not be so suspicious of their intentions that you forget to focus on all the positive things and skills you can borrow from them.

Being curious is good for your career, but you should watch your limits Only indulge in activities you can control. Anything that is beyond your control, focus less on. Natal Mercury in Scorpio encourages you to appreciate all the good and positive things you have going for you.

Mercury in Scorpio and Love

Mercury in Scorpio husband and wife are passionate in the way they communicate with each other. You are open about your feelings and emotions, which strengthens the relationship you have with each other.


The Mercury in Scorpio will say whatever is necessary to avoid any personal confrontation or questions. All the focus will be on other people and giving them sage advice. They like to keep the spotlight off of themselves. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care about their social circle. They are fierce when it comes to defending their own.

They will go to the ends of the Earth to protect their loved ones from harm. But when the tables are turned and things come back to them, they will deflect the attention somewhere else. It can be tiring hanging out with this Scorpio, for you never fully understand what’s going on with them.

But Mercury in Scorpio will never let you down when it comes to dealing with life’s quirks. Their bold and extreme outlook on things will keep you fully engaged. (Click here to know more => Planets In Signs)

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