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5 Things Women Can Learn From Men

Women should be more like men. Really!? Well, maybe just a little more like men. Women have learned a lot about embracing their natural, feminine gifts.

They have shown how their non-male approaches to life, love and business can be extremely effective. But men have some good tendencies, too. Women who can learn from men will have even more to offer the world.


What Women Can Learn From Men?

#1. Learn to shoot straight

Men don’t dance around delicate issues. They tell it like they see it, good or bad. While this approach can be jarring to the listener, it helps prevent misunderstandings.


A woman who can identify good times to be blunt and give a straight opinion will make herself valuable as an honest advisor. The next time someone asks you for an opinion at work, see what happens if you tell the blunt truth.

#2. Learn to take more risks

Women are more family-focused, which makes them naturally more cautious than men. But men have an easier time accepting risk, which can result in a big payoff. They get the excitement of trying out the risky venture. They also worry less.


Guys have a natural confidence that if everything goes pear-shaped, they’ll be able to recover and thrive. Don’t bet your rent money on the 3rd at Belmont, but the next time you have a chance to take a risk, give it a try.

For instance, you might take on that challenging project at work. Drop your concerns for what the future might bring and remind yourself that you can bounce back from failure if necessary. You might just win big.

#3. Learn to get what you want

While females often hesitate to ask for higher pay or put their own needs before others’, men will not even think twice. Men tend to believe that they deserve what they want. If it’s not offered, they ask for or even take what they want without shame.


Women focus on making sure others are happy first, but they don’t realize that asking for or taking what they want is really not going to hurt others that much.

Try asking for something you want a couple times and see what happens. Maybe you’ll just get that raise. Or maybe you’ll give a loved one a chance to step up and take care of you for a change.

#4. Learn to take emotions lightly

When women share emotions, the atmosphere is deadly serious. Males, on the other hand, want to forget an emotion almost as soon as it’s expressed. They’ll make light of an emotional situation in order to minimize the seriousness.

This tendency can drive women nuts, but if they can learn to just let emotions go now and then, they’ll find some extra freedom. Next time you share weighty emotions with your man, see how he responds.

Does he point out the funny side of the whole thing? Do you get the verbal equivalent of a shoulder punch? Roll with it and see if you don’t feel a bit better by letting go.

#5. Learn to say NO

Saying no can be one of the hardest things for women to do. As people-pleasers, women often feel bad about refusing someone’s request. Saying ‘yes’ to everyone leads to over-stressed, over-stuffed lives.

Women who don’t say ‘no’ will find others taking advantage of their willingness to handle jobs no one else wants. Men don’t have any problem drawing a line.

They don’t rely as much on having others’ approval, so they are free to turn down requests that they don’t have time for or just don’t want to do. You can experiment with saying ‘no’ by starting with small requests.

You can learn gradually that others’ disappointment or disapproval is not your responsibility and doesn’t gravely impact your life. When you can handle that, you’ll find ‘no’ is a powerful weapon.

No one wants to turn men into women, but men are undeniably good at certain things. These skills can be hard to pick up. You’ll feel uncomfortable at first, but seeing that guys have had great success with them, the effort is worth it.

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