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Mercury In Cancer

Mercury In Cancer: Significance and Meaning

Element And Quality: Water & Cardinal

Celebrities With Mercury In Cancer: George Bernard Shaw, Judy Garland, Che Guevara, Alexandre Dumas, Carl Jung

Keywords for Mercury in Cancer: Soulful, Intuitive, Impulsive, Emotional, Instinctive

Mercury In Cancer: Personality Profile

Cancer zodiac sign in astrology relies on their intuition to make decisions, so with Mercury in Cancer their approach is to “feel out” the dilemma. They are more emotional than other star signs . So they focus on the mood of a situation rather than a logical explanation. They trust their gut reaction above their head.

Mercury represents our logic, rational thinking and learning skills. So with Mercury in Cancer they utilize their incredible listening skills to figure out what’s going on below the surface. They can read people like a book and instinctively know what’s going on in their mind. And when they are in an educational environment they not only learn the facts, they also pay attention to the details surrounding those facts.

Mercury In Cancer Utilize Their Incredible Listening Skills To Figure Out What’s Going On Below The Surface.

Cancer Mercury: Positive Traits

They reflect on what details mean and take their time to soak in what this new information means to them and those around them. Mercury in Cancer has a great memory and can often recall specific aspects of a place, situation or conversation from the day before to many years ago. While they can’t repeat it back verbatim, they do remember what it was like and how everyone else was dealing with it at the time.

And this is how the Cancer Mercury people choose to communicate, by conveying an overall impression of something. They don’t utilize logic as much as they do expressing a feeling or stressing the importance of the issue. They often speak with passion and conviction if it’s something dear to their heart, which draws others into the conversation.

Cancer Mercury: Negative Traits

The only thing that ever holds the Mercury in Cancer people back is confrontation. They would rather not cause chaos, which sometimes keeps them from expressing their opinion.

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And if they do speak up it’s more because they want to try and manipulate the situation in their favor. That way, if it happens to start an argument they can act as if that was never their intention.

But make no mistake about it, they truly are emotional and sensitive. It’s not difficult to hurt the Virgo Mercury people in reality, which is why they usually try to avoid conflict. The best way to communicate with them in that case is to dial back the factual evidence and focus on how it makes you feel. Mercury in Cancer will respond to your plight immediately.


The Mercury in Cancer operate by putting themselves in other people’s shoes and going through the trials with other people. So this is also how they learn best. If they can empathize with an individual or a group then they will absorb everything they need to know about them. And when making decisions, it’s best to leave Mercury in Cancer alone with their thoughts and emotions.

They will come to their own conclusions in good time, as long as they are given the time and quiet environment to do so. And when they do figure things out, they will be able to express themselves in an effective and poetic manner. That is one of their special gifts – being able to put into words the things that others can’t.

It’s because they feel everything so deeply that they are able to articulate what’s happening around them. They take everything personally, for that is the only way they know how to live their lives. And with Mercury in Cancer, they will let you know what they think is the best way to live yours.

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