Rahu Kaal

Rahu Kaal

The Rahu Kaal is an astrological calculation that helps to determine the least favorable time of the day for work and new endeavors. Respecting this time will help you to find success. The Rahu Kaal is determined by a calculation based on the sunrise and sunset time on a given day in a set location.

To get a Rahu Kaal Calculation you would provide the name of the place where you live, and the date on which you need to determine the Rahu Kaal. The Rahu Kaal Calculator will do the rest for you.

Rahu Kaal which is also referred to as Rahu Kaalam or Rahu Kala is seen as an unlucky, even ominous time of the day. It is a time when good work should not be undertaken.

New or good work that needs to be done should be put off to a time outside the Rahu Kaal. If an individual is not aware of the Rahu Kaalam and its dark nature they are bound to fail in their undertaking no matter how great the effort.

If you needed to make investment, a major purchase, start a new task, begin a trip, set up a meeting with an old friend, anything that could be considered new especially if it is important or holds value to you, the action must be stopped or put off to another time during the Rahu Kaal.

Even an urgent medical treatment should be avoided during this time. There is a good chance that the procedure undertaken at this time will not have a beneficial result.

Rahu Kaal, is calculated by computing one eighth part of the time between sunrise and sunset. This calculation varies according to the time of sunrise and sunset and so will vary from location to location. It is not that every astrologer  is capable of determining this appropriately.

Inaccuracy in the calculation can lead to an abject failure despite you having endeavored to take the appropriate measures to avoid the failure. A wrong calculation of the Rahu Kaal can become a hazard in itself.

In 2017 we are all struggling to make our lives work; why risk an unnecessary disaster when knowing the best time to avoid new undertakings can help you to avoid failure.

Rahu Kaal

Time Zone
Latitude Degree MinuteNorthSouth
Longitude DegreeMinuteEast West

Your own getting a calculation that would help you avoid this issue is a good idea. All of us want success and even need success, and so it is very comforting to know there is a tool that can help us avoid at least some of our failures in life.

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