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Enneagram Type 2 – The Helper

Enneagram Personality Type 2 Significance:

Also Known As Caretaker, Giver, Nurturer, Manipulator
Wing: Type 3 – The Achiever, Type 1 – The Reformer
Stress Personality Type: Type 8 – The Challenger
Growth Personality Type: Type 4 – The Individualist
What Do I Fear: Unwanted, Unloved, Disliked, Unaccepted
What Do I Desire: Love, Help, Express, Assist, Intuitive
Mantra: I like helping others
Temptation: Manipulative, Ignorant
Vice: Proud
Virtue: Humble
Suitable Careers: Doctor, Teacher, Parent, Chef, Designer, Firefighter
Celebrities With Enneagram type 2: Jennifer Lopez, Lionel Richie, John Denver, Madonna, John Travolta


Enneagram Type 2 – Positive Personality Traits

As the very name of the Enneagram type 2 Helper indicates, you are always ready to help others and simply love to be a part of society as such. This tendency to help others stems from your basic desire, which is the desire for acceptance. You want everyone else to love you as a person, and to value you within a group.

However, the best part about you as a helper is that you assist others unconditionally, without even thinking about getting anything in return. You reclaim your sense of humility in service to a higher will. This makes you a truly selfless person. You are extremely satisfied when you are loved by all and are accepted as an important personality in society, whose services are frequently called for.


However, the one good thing about this Enneagram personality type two is that the increased need to be loved and appreciated will also lead you to broaden your social perspective and reach out more to help others. If you genuinely and sincerely try and help out others, they are bound to take notice of your effort.

In return, they will discover a wonderful person who is warm, friendly, cooperative, caring, and sensitive to other’s emotional and physical needs. You would also jump with joy, my friend, every time that special someone in your life tells you how much he/she loves you.


You have this psychic ability to exactly predict what others may want or like at a specific period, and this makes you everyone’s darling! This also helps the Enneagram 2 type person to relate very quickly to a friend or a group.

As the very name of the Enneagram type 2 Helper indicates, you are always ready to help others

Enneagram Type 2 – Negative Personality Traits

The basic fear of an Enneagram type 2 person is the fact that you may be despised and unaccepted at some point in time. This is a nightmarish situation for you. You are a very sentimental person and are very expressive about it.


Subsequently, if others do not give you the perceived level of importance, this gets you depressed, forlorn, and withdrawn character, something not desirable at all. In this case, you will surprisingly develop a feeling of resentment towards everyone you know around you.

You will even try to manipulate others so that they will give you the much-needed importance. You will manipulate things and try to prove that you are indispensable to others. Also, you will even take credit for someone else’s good work, to be an esteemed person in someone else’s eyes. This might create problems both at your home as well as workplace. Take the Enneagram Test right away to know your personality type.


When other people are in your company, they need to remember that they need to listen to all your problems, and in turn, will get appropriate attention from you too. It’s good if they let you know you are loved and appreciated by them, and if someone criticizes you, it can be accepted provided it is meant well and is constructive.

However, two things the Enneagram personality type 2 should try and avoid as much as possible are that firstly, you just cannot seem to say ‘No’ to any person, even if you know the person’s request will harm you more than doing good.

Secondly, you have low self-confidence at times and get easily discouraged in life. As a parent, you are highly protective of your children and give them unconditional love. (Find out how compatible you are with your child).

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