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Chinese Flowers Symbolism: Sign Of Luck

Chinese Flowers Symbolism: Growth and Fertility

Chinese flower symbolism signifies good fortune that is going to happen in your life for the good work you are doing on earth. In other words, your life is going to become amazing because you understand what you are doing. You always rely on your strengths; that’s why your life is glowing. Perhaps, this is not your time to give up because you still have a lot to finish. There is a feeling that you are going to become a better person in life. Equally, always do what is right and train yourself to be patient because, without patience, your life will not be as valuable as you think.


Chinese flowers imply that you need to keep fighting to get better and expect to meet every opportunity in your life. Besides, everything is possible when you cherish your time. Specifically, if you want to see yourself glow then, you need to construct your future by taking control of your life. Perhaps, it is your chance to make your life worthwhile. Notably, you can become powerful by doing the right thing in life. Equally, construction will take time so that it will become firm and so to your value.


Chinese Flowers Symbols & Meanings

In this article, let’s find out more about Chinese flower meanings and their symbolism in real life. Flowers, in general, usually represent the sweet things in life like growth, beauty, and the circle of life. Of course, specific flowers have their symbolism. Many things can affect a flower’s symbolic meanings, such as its color, when and where it grows, and if they are used for anything besides its appearance.


Flowers are especially important in Chinese culture because they are generally symbols of good luck and fortune. Healthy flowers are also thought to bring in more good energy, or chi. Just as a flower blooms, your expertise in flowers will bloom once you know more about their symbolism. This article will discuss five different flowers and their unique symbolism: the citron, lotus, narcissus, orchid, and peony.


Chinese Flowers Meanings in Real Life

In real life, Chinese symbolism signifies that this is your time to become someone extraordinary. Perhaps, to become someone better you have to work hard because you deserve happiness. Take control of your destiny now and become courageous to face whatever is ahead of you. Nevertheless, you can improve your life by taking control of your steps. Notably, you have a chance to make life better. So, don’t expect someone else to direct your life but be the person taking your life to a better place.


The citron flower is white, pink, or a mix of both in color. This flower usually has five petals. Sometimes the citron is called a Buddha’s hand flower because of the way that it looks like a hand symbol that is reaching out.

This could be in part due to its five petals. It is also said that when these petals are turned the right way, they look like a meditative pose that Buddha once did. Overall, these flowers symbolize luck and happiness, but they can also make great symbols of beauty, grace, and simplicity.

citron chinese flowers meanings


The lotus flower floats on the surface of the water peacefully. They often can be found near lily pads floating alongside them. These flowers can be an array of beautiful colors, such as white, pink, purple, blue, and everything in between. Like the citron, the lotus also has a tie to Buddha.

According to Chinese flower symbolism, some people say that the lotus is the holy seat of Buddha. This flower can also be used for medicinal reasons. Every part of this plant can be used for something useful for humans and other animals. Because of its slight movements on the water, this flower symbolizes tranquility and beauty. Because of its significance to Buddha, the lotus flower meaning can also symbolize purity and innocence. For all of its uses, this flower is a great symbol of resourcefulness as well.

lotus chinese flowers meanings


There is an ancient Greek myth that explains the existence of the narcissus flower. There once was a man named Narcissus. He was said to be an extremely handsome man, and he would only be with someone as beautiful as he was. One day he came along a pool of water. He looked into it and found his reflection. Of course, he didn’t realize that it was a reflection, and he fell in love with it and would not leave.

Eventually, he drowned because of this. He was later turned into a narcissus flower so that he would remain beautiful. The flower itself is beautiful, being yellow or orange in the middle and having white petals around it.

Because of the myth, the narcissus flower is a symbol of beauty, but also narcissism. In Chinese culture, the flower is said to be a symbol of luck and hard work.



The orchid is another pretty flower that can have many colors ranging from blue, purple, pink, and white. This flower can also have patterns on it that look like veins or freckles on a person. When it comes to real life, it will take a lot for you to become as successful as you can imagine. In other words, it is the right time to focus on you. Simply it is the right time to find success by changing your mindset. Do something that will constantly keep you moving forward. Equally, the mistakes you are facing will no longer hold you back.

While many people do not like these features themselves, it is part of what makes this flower even more beautiful. Because of this reason, the orchid can symbolize imperfection and perfection at the same time. The Chinese also believe that the orchid can symbolize growth and fertility.

orchid Chinese flower symbolism

Chinese Flowers Meanings: Peony

Lastly, the peony is a pretty little flower that is usually pink, purple, or white. These flowers have many petals, almost too numerous to count. They look very fluffy and full instead of dainty. Because these flowers are larger than many others, they can symbolize value and wealth. Like the orchid, the peony can also symbolize fertility. When the flower is in full bloom, it is the most beautiful and also a symbol of tranquility.

peony chinese flowers meanings

These flowers can be given to friends and loved ones for good luck, as a charm for fertility, or just because they look nice. No matter what you use these flowers for, you can say that you now know a little more about them.


Chinese flower symbolism indicates that you should prove yourself wrong by taking control of your life. Besides, the steps you change your life each. Every pain you are facing will end as you keep going. You need to be a stronger person and don’t be jealous of other people’s success. Let your positive attitude define you.

The flowers show the season of blessings because of the good work you have been doing. Generally, when you start your journey early enough, then you will get to your destination at the right time. Equally, your vision is about to become a reality.

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