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Deer Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Deer Animal Totem Symbolism

Deer, gentle mother, eyes that speak of great wisdom and kindness, moving through life while leaving little unwanted trace. She moves through the woods, always vigilant against those who would do her harm, watchful for every predator. When she is mothering her fawns, she is still, unseen beneath the deep green of the forest canopy.

When the Deer animal totem comes into our lives, she brings with her the patience and wisdom to give unconditional love to those around us. It matters not what their nature is, or what they have done to us, Deer will remain vigilant against their trespasses. But for not even a moment does Deer stop expressing that gently unconditional love.

Deer Associated Traits

Gentleness, Unconditional love, kindness, ability to regenerate, grace under fire, being childlike, vigilance, stillness


Symbolic Meaning Of Deer

The Deer symbol is gentle, knowing that should life threaten, her grace and stealth is more than sufficient to help her avoid who may wish to do her harm. While being a mother, she knows that remembering being a child is important. When her fawn is growing, she will mother them when necessary, but so also will she spring and bounce and play with them in the forest, through the meadow.

The Deer meaning is also known to bear the power of regeneration, each year their antlers fall away, and begins to regenerate again. Each year they grow again, representing the prosperity of the year, each year a little better, little larger than the last.

It shows us the long slow process of change, showing us that gently guiding people down the path is more productive than attempting to push them down the way you’d have them go.

The Deer animal symbolism also speaks of the power of family, for they stick together and forage in family groups. Buck, Doe, children, and the mothers guide them into the future with care, keeping them safe but letting them grow and explore.

Chinese Zodiac Sign

Date of Birth:

It is important to remember the Deer spirit guide with respect. The Native Americans would always pray to the Deer when they were due to hunt. This shows that they valued the gift of the deers’ lives that they were about to give.

They knew that it was necessary for the survival of the tribe. This reminds us that even to the creatures that we consume to survive, we should extend gentleness and love, rather than the hubris of the mindless predator.

This gentleness and love will set us free from the bonds of hatred and anger, and release us from the need to control those or make them be like us. These feeling only serve to control us, to bind us in our need to make others like us. By acknowledging that part of the Deer animal totem’s inherent grace is her ability to let those things go, and to just love people for who they are.

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