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Invoking Your Animal Totem

Invoking Your Animal Totem

Invoking, or calling upon, your animal totem may initially seem like a daunting and somewhat intimidating process. However, if you approach the matter with the proper knowledge and attitude, you will find that it is easy to get in touch with your identified animal guide. Before attempting to build and strengthen a relationship with your animal totem, you must cleanse your own heart and soul, permitting only positive and productive thoughts to remain.

You are aiming to mimic the purely aware and conscious behavior of animals. Unlike humans, animals are not ego-driven, which allows them, from our perspective, to see things more clearly and without trivial biases. When we invoke the spiritual nature of these totems, we permit ourselves to do the same. Once you have cleansed yourself internally, you can absorb all that you observe in your environment.

From here, it will be much easier to appeal to your animal totem as a life saver. All you need to do is to reach out either mentally or verbally, stating your intention(s) for the interaction. Attune yourself completely with you animal guide and ask for its help with any predicaments you may be experiencing. Your totem may more clearly speak to you then if you go on a walk or other small journey. You may also simply continue with a meditative process.


Tools To Invoke Animal Totems

Many different cultures and groups of people utilize the tool of invocation to identify elements of nature that speak to them. Much of what we have learned about animal totems and how to get in touch with them comes from the teachings of Native Americans, in whose cultures creatures were highly regarded for their spiritual implications.

In order to encounter totems in the form of animals, the Native American peoples would set their intentions after making a purposeful walk through nature and achieving a trance-like state. Here are tips to knowing your animal totem. Communication with totems is considered an extremely spiritual experience for them. They teach that animals would then reveal themselves either in physical form or in mental visions, as long as the person observed his/her surroundings closely and intently. The Aborigines of Australia also place a lot of value on their interactions with animals. They go on traditional walk-abouts through the wilds of the outback with the purpose of seeking these special encounters.

Forming a solid connection with your dream animal totem too takes time and effort. In order to nourish this relationship, it is crucial to utilize confident repetition when speaking your intention(s).

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The confidence that you demonstrate and exude will show your dedication to your totem and the trust that you place in it. This in turn inspire it to show itself to you and offer its teachings. Once it hears and believes your intention(s), your animal spirit guide may present itself to you in a variety of ways, meaning that you will be required to exercise patience and be highly observant of your surroundings.

The animal totem symbol may appear in physical form at some point throughout your day, calling out to you (literally) or subtly making its presence known to you. If you are unsure of whether an animal has revealed itself to you, you need only ask it. Pose the question and be still, for the answer will come into your awareness. This takes practice, as well, so do not be discouraged if you do not immediately understand an answer.

When calling upon your animal totem, whether with the hope of of a physical encounter or a mental connection (or both), you must use patience in your observation. If something draws your attention, pay it mind. Be open to any and all signs that your totem may present you with, no matter how subtle or seemingly obvious they may be. The subsequent communication that you have with the animal(s) could then be nonverbal and silent or evolve into a face-to-face conversation.

It will speak to you and guide you in the ways that are most necessary at this point in your life. Feel your totem’s presence and soak up its teachings, and do not forget to express your gratitude for all that it shares with you.

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