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Cheetah Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: Always Act Fast In Life

Cheetah Spirit Animal: Symbolism and Meanings

The animal totems are a part of many ancient cultures. By determining your spirit animal, you can learn more about your qualities and how to improve your life by learning from the characteristics of this animal. Cheetah Spirit Animal can be your guide and teacher and help you connect with the spiritual world surrounding you to live a fulfilled life.


The cheetah is the fastest land animal. Its predatory instincts, ability to act fast, and slender body specially made for taking action are the main characteristics of its symbolic meaning.

If a cheetah is your totem, it is time for fast action. You should stop wondering what to do and how to be but set a trail and just go for it. You shouldn´t doubt yourself and act fast. By unnecessary lingering, you might lose important chances in your life, so if you have set your sights on something- act fast and grab your opportunity.


Characteristics and Qualities of The Cheetah

The cheetah shows us that we are each built for special purposes. The slender body and elongated spine of the animal helps it run faster. You might have your characteristics and talents- your design that makes you great at doing some things. These characteristics are what make you unique and give you an advantage.


This spirit animal has an enlarged heart and lungs that help it reach high speeds in seconds. It also symbolizes your capacity for expansion. Get in touch with your basic instincts and consider the areas of your life you can expand. To move fast, you have to have a clear goal ahead of you, and you must be willing to expand to express yourself. You have to be willing to widen your mind and heart.


The cheetah has a uniquely built spine that allows it to move with grace and speed. The spine symbolizes your core. Take a look at your core beliefs in this life and consider whether you can be flexible enough to have free movement. Sometimes you have to ask yourself if the things you believe in aren´t keeping you from moving forward.

Understanding The Cheetah Animal Totem Better

If you possess the capability to move fast but don´t have the right direction, the energy of the keen sight of a cheetah can help you find your way. Sometimes you can tend to put something off because the lack of clarity keeps you from accomplishing it. In this case, the energy of the cheetah can greatly help you to clarify your goals.

Cheetahs have a unique way of hunting- if other predators stalk their prey and jump for the kill, cheetahs run down their prey. They are resilient and persistent in their actions. These are some characteristics you can learn from- it might take a lot of work to reach your goals, but persistence pays off with great gifts.  And after a big run towards your goals, it is important to take a break and relax.

The Cheetah can only maintain its incredible speed for a short while, and it needs to rest afterward. And so do you. Do not take up many goals at a time will run you down faster.  While going for your goals, always remember that nothing can outrun you. You have to assure yourself that you are the best at what you do and nobody can do it better. It´s in the true spirit of a cheetah to know your strengths and use them to your advantage.

Encounters With The Cheetah

If you´ve encountered a cheetah in your path, it means that things are moving very quickly for you right now. You have to stay focused and keep your goals clear to find the most direct way of achieving your desires. You probably will have to be flexible at some point and make certain revisions to your plan, but that does not mean going off your course of direction.

Make sure you don´t take up too much extra work because that is going to take a lot of energy from you and keep you further away from your destined achievements.

Dreaming Of The Cheetah Totem

If a cheetah is chasing you in your dream, it means you have to run as well. Perhaps you are too stuck in one particular situation and need to get moving, so this totem is telling you to. You have to be more active to achieve your goals. A cheetah in your dream might also tell you that there is no escaping from current problems.

Running away is not always the best solution, so you have to move in the same direction and deal with your problems.  It can also mean that not only do you have to move to achieve goals, but you have to set your goals. Perhaps you feel that something is missing in your life, and you need a greater purpose- whatever that is to you- either a new career, friends, or family. Be mindful and closely look into your heart to find what is missing.

A cheetah spirit animal might also appear in your dream when you constantly get stuck in one dilemma. If you are trying to move forward with something, but something keeps you away from your goals, it is worth paying attention to it and sorting out these things.

Seeing Yourself As A Cheetah In Your Dreams

If you see yourself as a cheetah in your dreams, it reflects your great power and animal nature. It might be a reflection of the great anger you possess.

It is also curious that cheetah usually visits only those in great need. Therefore, if you´ve encountered a cheetah, it means it has a certain message for you, and you probably already know what that is. Cheetah being straightforward knows exactly who and when to visit. It´s a great honor from the spiritual world, and you can´t take it for granted.

Seeing a cheetah already means you possess great power and the capability to move quickly. It reflects how accomplished you already are and that you are ready to reach higher levels in your life.

Cheetah Spirit Animal: Conclusion

Some other symbolic meanings of cheetah are survival, passion, progress, flexibility, expression, and protection. One of the most distinct characteristics of this animal is its black spots on amber fur. In nature, it´s meant for camouflage, but the spots are very various on every animal, making each of them unique.

The message to take from this is that sometimes we have to come out of hiding and show our uniqueness to others. It´s okay to blend in the crowd for a while, to survive or just get by, but at some point, you will have to come out of hiding and make a run for the prey.

When a cheetah is your animal totem, it means that you have a wide heart. You’re emphatic; you know how to react to many emotions of people that surround you. You’re an excellent friend in need, a shoulder to cry on, and will help your friends to recover faster. You are also direct in your words and actions and act fast; in the meantime, you are very diplomatic in delivering your message to others.

You respond to opportunities fast and never look back. As well as the cheetahs who live in small groups of closely selected participants, you also have your group of friends that you could trust your life with. It´s a special bond that needs time to be made, but it lasts forever.

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