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Tom Clancy

Birthday :

April 12, 1947

Died On :

October 1, 2013

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Birth Place :

Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America

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Tom Clancy wanted to become a US military man, but his dream was cut short because he failed an eye exam task. He went on with his life till he transferred his military enthusiasm into a literary ambition. He is famously known for writing complex novels, techno-thrillers and political themed like novels. He was kind when it came to non-fiction writing, Sci-Fi as well as Crime and Terrorism industry. His name has also been heard in not one but more movie scripts.

Tom was a Vice Chairman of the Baltimore Orioles. His great work of writing was once appreciated by the 40th President of the U.S Ronald Reagan. His positive regard made Clancy sell more than 3 million paperback covers and 300,000 hardcovers. In the 20th century, he achieved better bestselling records than any other novelist. This industry gave him a chance to hear his written words into films, video games, and television series.

Early And Childhood Life

Known by his full name Thomas Leo Clancy, Jr. he was born on 12, April 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland. His father; Thomas Clancy was a letter carrier who worked for United States Postal Service. His mother, Catherine Clancy worked at a local store in the credit department. At his early age, Tom showed his reading talent as he loved everything to do with books. Being in love with the military field, he liked to read the veterans history. One of his best naval records was Samuel Eliot Morison.

Clancy’s parents worked tirelessly to make sure that he went to school. He first worked at the Jesuit Institution and later at the Loyola Blakefield High School in Maryland. He then joined the Loyola College in Baltimore. In college and high school, he loved to participate in chess club as well as debating societies.

Tom Clancy joined an Army Reserve Officers Training Corps, but he was left unattended due to his extreme nearsightedness. In 1969, Loyola graduated with a degree in English Literature. The same year Tom married Wanda Thomas King who was a nursing student. Although he still envied to become an author, he made several choices after his graduation.

After a year, he joined an insurance firm in Connecticut. Wanda and Tom started a family, and eventually, they were blessed with four children. In 1973, Tom landed an insurance business job which was governed by King’s grandfather. With more dedication, Tom remained in his native land without complaint.



Even when working at an insurance firm, Tom Clancy always dreamt of becoming a writer in his life. During his free time, he used to write in the evenings and during his spare time. He once reached his off-side limit when he wrote but didn’t see his work in print form. With what he thought at that point, he continued to complete his writing task day by day.

As time passed, he managed to finish his first novel and submitted it for publication. His first book was titled ‘The Hunt for Red October.' In 1985 Clancy’s work was purchased a non-profit publisher. The first printing copies of his book earned him a total of $1.3 million. He was motivated to write similar books and signed $3 million contracts. He opted to retire from his insurance business and concentrated more on his writing career. Despite his technology fiction tales, Clancy feared to fly high. Hence he avoided flying by air.


Major Works

Tom’s concentration towards his writing work gave him a fruitful turnaround. This included ‘Patriot Games,' ‘A Clear and Present Danger,' ‘The Sum of All Fears’ as well as ‘The Hunt for Red October.' Jack Ryan character was played by Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, and Ben Affleck. Three of his first six books encompassed the real world treaties such as the Cold War rivalry, South American drug dealers and the US.

Early 1991, Tom Clancy got a chance to record his first interview at the Academy of Achievements. He continued to fabricate his thrillers now at a speedy pace. One of his debut books in the 90s included Debt of Honor, Executive Orders and Without Remorse. Around 1996 Tom launched his video game company; Red Storm Entertainment. He got a chance to produce several series that were based on his books and characters.


Later Life

Wanda Clancy and Tom divorced in 1996. He loved to attend the Academy of Achievement in the 1990s. This is where he met with Alexandra Llewellyn and got married in 1999. In the 21st century, Clancy continued to write his set of books including Dead or Alive, The Teeth of the Tiger, Locked on and Threat Vector.

In the process, Tom Clancy managed to publish other non-fiction work such as the Study in Command series and about U.S military campaigns. In addition to his impeccable work, Tom licensed his name to be used by series of books written by different authors but in his style.



Besides being an envied novelist, Tom Clancy loved to discuss national security affairs. He was mostly enjoyed due to his steadfast love for his country. Unfortunately, Tom Clancy died in Baltimore at the age of 66. His last novel included the Command Authority which was planned to be published the same year.

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