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Babe Ruth

Birthday :

February 6, 1895

Died On :

August 16, 1948

Also Known For :


Birth Place :

Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America

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George Herman Ruth Jr. aka Babe Ruth knocked his fame as an avid baseball player. He showed his stance in sports field for more than a decade. His dedication and zeal made him make his history that is still visible to date. He came to rule the 20th-century with his reigning career as a one and all baseball player. His natural talent was recognized when he joined high school. It was also here that he signed countless of contracts that gave him a chance to achieve the unachievable. After several wins, Ruth was recognized with a National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Childhood And Early Life

On February 6, 1895, Herman Ruth was born in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. Ruth loved to spend his childhood years with his eight siblings that were born to Katherine and George Ruth. Unfortunately, Ruth didn’t spend much time with his siblings since six of them died in infancy. As he continued to grow older, Ruth started to embrace disobedience. It was here that his parents opted to send him to St. Mary’s Industrial School. As he continued to up his intelligence, he learned carpentry. He also came to discover that he had a field talent. He loved to play baseball where Brother Mathias later trained him. Before completing his vocational studies, he had already learned several skills. After several months, Mathias invited the owner of Baltimore Orioles, Jack Dunn to Judge Ruth’s skills. He was impressed by his changing moves where he signed his first contract in 1914.



In 1914 Ruth participated in a baseball game and won 15 to 9 points. He then played against Brooklyn Dodger where his team took the final win. He became the Orioles star where he cemented half of their games with nothing else but possible wins. However, he was later rented to Boston Red Sox due to massive losses.

Throughout his career, Ruth mostly took an outfielder position. By the end of his contract with Boston team, he had already made a 13-7 record. He then moved to New York Yankees in 1919 where he made a comeback with fifty-four home runs. He eventually broke a record of .847 that remained to be the top positioned for more than a decade. He continued to lead the Yankees team where he completed his final game with fifty-nine runs and .378 records. After several months of nursing his injured leg, he played at the 1921 World Series.

In 1922 Babe Ruth was selected as the main captain of his team. However, he was used to the position. It was very disappointing for him since he only managed to complete 110 games with an escort of 35 home runs. In 1923 he resigned as a captain and went back to his active life as a baseball player. He completed the season with. 393 great records as well as 42 home runs. He was proud to lead the Yankees to their very first World Series label. At last, his outstanding performance was recognized by all. Babe opted to retire in 1935 where he went ahead to concentrate on his life endeavors.


Personal Life And Legacy

In 1914 Babe married Helen Woodford where they adopted one daughter. Before calling it quits, they struggled with infidelity and disagreements till they parted ways. In 1928 he married Claire Merrit Hodgson. Early in 1946, Ruth health deteriorated due to throat cancer. He breathed his last in 1948.In his honor, the Baseball Writers Association of America launched the Babe Ruth Award in 1949.

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