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A Liberal Dating A Conservative: 4 Reasons

Results of Liberal Dating a Conservative

Ideologically, conservatives and liberals share opposite political and social views. Some radical conservatives and liberals would not want to have anything to do with the others. I bet they wouldn’t even want to date each other. But when did love, relationship and marriage became a political arena. Let’s read more about a Liberal dating a Conservative.

So love is a sacred thing, which needs to be devoid of anything that hinders its progress. But therefore, your political and social views must have nothing to do with your relationship. Enough of this.

Let me get back to the main topic, “reasons a liberal must date a conservative.”A relationship or marriage between a conservative and liberal person can be complicated, but it’s possible.

Apart from the political differences, a relationship between the two can be fascinating with lots of advantages. Here are the reasons a liberal must date conservative.

1. Conservatives have Better Sex Lives

According to a 2012 research by Binghamton University and a dating site, conservatives have better sex lives than their liberal counterparts do. The research, which sampled the view of over 5000 single Americans, confirmed that conservatives had a fulfilled sex life.

In the research, liberals were found to have the most frequent sex. But, only 40 percent reached orgasm after sex as compared to 53 percent of conservatives. So, in conclusion, liberals had quantity sex while conservatives have quality sex.

2. Conservatives are Committed to a Relationship

A relationship without commitment is like a sea without fish. If you seek to date a person who would be very committed to the relationship, then choose a conservative.

But a relationship with a conservative lasts longer. This is according to research by a professor of sociology at the University of Virginia.

According to his findings, conservatives are less likely to divorce as compared to liberals. Conservatives are also happier in their marriages than any other political groupings.

3. If you are a Liberal dating a Conservative, you will become a Better Communicator

Being a good communicator is a requirement for any successful relationship. Unlike fellow dating liberals, dating a conservative can be exciting with lots of debates.


This can make you a better communicator and proves that you are a good communicator. So the more you debate your partner, the better orator you become. That aside, being able to live with someone with a different ideology proves your conflict resolution skills.

4. They are Ambitious

Conservatives set goals and work towards achieving them. They don’t allow any hindrances to divert their attention from achieving their goals and aspirations.

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