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How to Predict Time with Tarot

Tarot and Prediction of Time

The fact that the future is engraved in stone makes it hard for individuals to predict the time or what will happen in the future. Our future is highly determined by the decisions, actions, and situations that we go through in our present time. Predicting time with tarot regarding events and when they will occur can become infuriating, to say the least.


Nevertheless, just like you can forecast future climatic conditions using present conditions, so can we, to some extent, forecast our future. Various approaches can be used to do the prognostication, and individuals need to try and identify the methods that can best work for them. People can also develop their techniques if they feel like the available procedures are not perfect. The Tarot is the most common strategy used, and that is what this article addresses.


What is a Tarot?

In brief, a Tarot is a pack of 78 cards, categorized as either Minor Arcana or Major Arcana. Major Arcana cards are 22 and show images like the Fool, the Devil, the Wheel of Life, and the Hanged Man. Minor Arcana cards are 56 and are known as suit cards. Suit cards are categorized into wands, pentacles, cups, and swords. This is different from the traditional deck that shows diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs.


A Tarot can be said to be a collection of archetypes and symbols that represent human experiences. It is important to note that for one to predict time with it, the person needs to realize that his fate is determined by action and belief. The Tarot gives answers to questions like: When will I fall in love? When will I buy a car? The following are different ways that show how to predict time with a Tarot.


Predicting time with Tarot

By Use of Suits and Elements

One can predict the future using the suits and their elements. This helps the reader pinpoint a specific time in the future that an event can happen. Wands represent days or summer, Cups represent months or autumn, Swords represent weeks or spring, and Pentacles represent years or winter.

There are other cards in the name of Pip Cards that are numbered ace to ten. A combination of pip cards and suits is often used for time prediction. A question like, “When will I find love?” can be answered by picking, say, the Five of Wands. This can indicate in five days or summer. Different individuals associate the cards differently, example, wands can be associated with years instead of days. It all depends on each person’s beliefs.

By Use of Prophetic Meanings of the Cards

This is one of the easiest methods of predicting time with Tarot. This method involves having a deep insight into each card’s prophetic meanings and using them to create a story to tell a client depending on the question asked. The story created can be used to manifest when and how an event will happen.

When a question like, “When will I get my first job?” is asked, and you draw the Three of Pentacles, your answer can be,” The moment you will learn to work in a team.” This response is inspired by the fact that the Three of Pentacles demonstrate teamwork. Another example is when a client asks, “When will I meet my future wife?”

tarot time

When you draw the Five of Cups, the answer can be, “After you are ready to move on from a past relationship that left you despaired.” This response is influenced by the fact that the Five of Cups represents despair and disappointment. However, its reversed meaning shows the ability to move on and forgive.

Predicting time with Tarot

Using Reversed Tarot Cards

Reversed Tarot cards provide a deeper insight into the problem at hand. They are used to give advice and important feedback to a client. There are different methods of interpreting reversed cards, and since each card has its own reversed meaning, the interpretation will vary depending on the question asked.

The most common method used when it comes to Reversed Tarot Cards is giving the direct opposite of the card’s traditional meaning. An example is the Ten of Pentacles, which traditionally symbolizes wealth and a stable family. The direct opposite of this can be a financial failure or an unstable family. If a client asks, “Why am I not successful in life?” and you draw a six of wands, your answer can be, “It is because you do not possess self-confidence.”

In addition to this response, the reader can tell the client that he needs to be confident in whatever he does to emerge successfully. This answer is true because the Six of Wands upright meaning is: public recognition or self-confidence. Its reversed meaning is lack of confidence or disrepute. The Reversed Tarot method can help such a client make several positive changes in his life to achieve greatness.

The Bottom Line

Tarot reading will not exactly give you the precise date a specific event will happen. This helps individuals know how to reach their goals and get what they desire. If a client asks, “When will I meet the right partner?” The Tarot will not tell the exact date this will happen but will advise on what to do to get this partner.

After such a question, drawing the Six of Wands can induce the answer, “After you find enough self-confidence to approach a girl.” Hence, the tarot is a perfect way to show us relevant steps to our path. But, not exactly when our goals will materialize.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, many methods and techniques have been mentioned. It is up to the reader to find the most comfortable method to ensure they derive the most accurate results for their clients. However, time prediction using Tarot does not always work.

Finding a common bond between the different cards is difficult but important for readers. It is advised that Tarot readers pay attention to giving advice. Rather than providing a specific date to avoid conflicts that may arise if the prediction is not accurate.

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