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Sheep And Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Sheep & Dragon Zodiac Signs

The differences in a sheep and dragon relationship can be complementary but some of them are bound to create conflicts. Despite the strong and fiery energy of the Dragon, they can make a great pairing with the emotional and sensitive Goat.

As brash or egotistic as they may behave, they are tempered by their warm-hearted, natural charm. They are very intelligent and giving which can be highly attractive to their romantic partner. They enjoy the limelight and being the center of attention.

The Sheep is completely content to stand faithfully on the sidelines. These two Chinese zodiac signs can develop a great love compatibility wherein their differences make them truly complementary. A common love of home and family provides this couple with a deep bond.

chinese sheep goat zodiac compatibility with dragon. The differences in a sheep and dragon relationship can be complementary but some of them are bound to create conflicts.

Sheep Dragon Love Compatibility

Balancing the fierce emotions and sense of power, with love of home and compassion will give this sheep-dragon soulmates a highly worthwhile life. Add a high probability of marriage, a brood of children, and an appreciation for things both great and small this couple is likely to be closely bound.

The strong and fierce nature of the Dragon is bound to singe the sensitive, emotional sheep from time to time. The Goat will likely retreat, or may dissolve into tears. They may struggle with some mutual stubbornness, especially with their lover who refuses defeat. They will do well to play to the Dragon’s warm hearted side or help them regain the sense of lost power. Else be ready for a breakup!

When the Goat-Dragon dating begins, both will need to set boundaries for their spending in order to avoid a conflict. Both enjoy material things, and neither is spectacular at managing the mundane trappings of life such as budgets and bill paying.

In a sheep-dragon marriage, the fiercely protective Dragon will gladly take on the guardian role for his Goat partner. In return, his partner will pamper him with lots of love and a comfortable home. This pairing has a deep love of home and family and will surround themselves with things that remind them of both. Although both do enjoy a good gathering and will make outstanding hosts, the Goat man or woman is usually more content to spend time quietly at home.

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The more outwardly social Dragon man or woman relishes being the center of attention and will seek opportunities outside the home to grow a group of friends and extend his/her influence. They are natural leaders and they enjoy the feeling of being in charge or at the center of influence.

Learning to be flexible and how to tap into their partner’s compassion will help them deal with unhappy feelings. But a longing for a home is always there in their heart. The Sheep need only be patient enough to realize that their partner’s deep attachment will bring them back again and again. The sheep-dragon compatibility according to Chinese astrology might not be too great but opposites do attract!

The male or female Dragon’s strong charisma and ability to lead will likely provide a level of accomplishment and a considerable amount of success financially. At the very least the lucky Dragon, is motivated to develop a level of power and influence which will provide a comfortable existence for the Dragon and sheep in love.

The Dragon is passionate by nature which plays nicely into the emotional well-being of the Goat. However, they may be prone to kiss and tell. Their friends look up to him/her and are happy to glean advice from their Dragon peer. Unless this is known to the Goat it may come as a shock and lead to hurt feelings.

They must take care not to get too caught up in their ego when they are the center of attention at the expense of their partner’s feelings. On the other hand, the Sheep will need to balance their doting with a touch of respect to prevent their partner from feeling manipulated or controlled. Keep in mind the Dragon thrives on being the leader and at the seat of power. In bed, the sheep and dragon might not compatible sexually as one will dominate the other.

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