Dragonfly Totem – Know It’s Mystic Symbolism

Dragonfly Totem – The Spiritual Meaning

Dragonfly is an important animal totem in many cultures. To most of Europe, they represent evil. No doubt due to the nasty bite they deliver should you offend him. Japanese people love the dragonfly totem. The Navajo of the Native Americans recognize them as a symbol of pure water, as well as swiftness and activity.

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Certainly, it is worth noting that the dragonfly starts their lives in nymph form. They then become the more familiar form that flies through the air later in their lives.

Dragonfly Associated Traits

Transformation, adaptability, lightness, joy, emotions, hidden self, purity, speed, wisdom, enlightenment

Dragonfly Animal Totem Meaning

Dragonfly spirit animal is a symbolic creature of two realms. It symbolizes the emotional realm of water and the intellectual realm of air. Therefore, Dragonfly totem animal carries two Karmic lessons for us.

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The first lesson is that of water, calling us to celebrate our joy and emotions. Similarly, it tells us to live in them with great passion and depth. The lesson of air calls us to temper them with emotion and bring them into balance. Dragonfly dances on the winds of change, comfortable in his ever-changing environment.

So what does it mean if you see a dragonfly? Well, it is a powerful lesson. Unlike rat, which adapts to the situation while remaining Rat, Dragonfly totem reminds us that life is ever changing. Also, it shows that it will sometimes call on us to change as well. As such, the transformation of Dragonfly can call for complete metamorphosis.

dragonfly totem

As such, if a Dragonfly visits you, it is a call for a great period of change in your life. It is a reminder that old habits are haunting your decisions. Come out of your Nymph stage. Ideally, it may not be time to grow up, but it’s time to change who and what we are.

Know also that Dragonfly as a spirit guide has great vision. The time may come when the mists that hang over the deep waters of life are almost more than you can navigate.

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The mists hide everything, disguise what we know, and make it difficult to see our clear path. As the Dragonfly meaning suggests, it understands these waters. It has lived its whole life in these waters so let it guide you.

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