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Ox And Tiger Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Ox & Tiger Zodiac Signs

These two Chinese zodiac signs do not work particularly well together. Is there any hope for the Ox and Tiger compatibility? Can they find a way to make it work at all? Are they too different to find balance and happiness? Could they utilize hard work and compromise to make a happy relationship last for a long time?

In love, ox and tiger will not seem like they belong together. This is one of the cases where differences of the two Chinese zodiac signs involved do not necessarily complement each other.

They both have a pretty big varied way of seeing things. The tiger is wild, risky and restless. The ox will be trustworthy, shy and persistent. He will want to see his projects completed correctly from the start.

Both these Chinese animal signs value their personal traits. They each see them as being the most ideal traits, particularly when pitted against each other. Because of the idealization of their own traits, they are very unlikely to see anything they like in one another.

ox tiger compatibility

Ox Tiger Love Compatibility

It is possible that the Ox and Tiger relationship could form a connection based on the things that set them apart. Chinese astrology compatibility predicts that if these two signs can come to terms with each other’s differences and accept them, they could be able to have a successful relationship.

When and Ox dates a Tiger, understanding each other will allow them to profit from the attributes they don’t have.

For the tiger, they will see the ox’s systematic and complete way of finishing work very beneficial, especially if they are in business together. There is a lack of predictability to the tiger male, but the ox man will find that taking their cue from the tiger can lead to original and genius ideas.

Additionally, the tiger man can learn from the ox male the ability to settle down and concentrate. They can teach their partner to be more outgoing and communicative. While the Ox and Tiger love compatibility is not a complete contrast to each other, they will still have to work hard.

Both the Chinese signs are warmhearted. The ox woman finds comfort in home, family, and their close friends. Both of them are also honest and have a sense of honor. Though the tiger will be erratic and can be somewhat moody, this doesn’t mean they aren’t to be trusted.

If the ox is able to accept the tiger’s nature, it will actually go a long way towards the Ox Tiger friendship being able to form a deep connection that could be long-lasting.

This can be hard because they are stubborn and can be critical. However, the tiger does have a certain charm that can pull his lover in and win them over. Sexually, Ox Tiger in bed prove to be strong companions.

The ox will be systematic and realistic which their partner sees as predictable traits. The tiger will also be rowdy, moody, fierce and craves attention of others. He could very well think that ox is uninterested and uncaring.

This is something that does not sit well with the ox. They could feel a lack of security if they feel that the tiger who is prone to being flirty might cheat on the stable Oxen. This will then lead to a breakup between the two soulmates.

The ox will have to be accepting of the tiger’s occasional moodiness. The tiger should be true in love to the ox and not push the oxen’s patience.

The comparable parts of their personalities will be hard to find. These two Chinese astrology signs contrast each other so much, but if they are both inclined to work hard, the Ox and Tiger marriage just might work.

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