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Ox And Monkey Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Ox & Monkey Zodiac Signs

The two Chinese horoscope signs of the ox and monkey are almost opposite signs. Will they be able to put those differences aside to be successful in love? Will their positive traits outweigh the negative traits in their connection? Will the Ox and Monkey compatibility work, given how their natures don’t obviously complement each other?

The Chinese ox likes things to be balanced and organized and this works well in this connection. As one who dislikes arguing, they will want to dodge confrontation as much as possible. The monkey will be entertaining and lively and will be able to interject some variation into the social life of the ox. Personal space is a big requirement for the Chinese astrology compatibility between these two signs. These two will need that space to be who they are.

Ox Monkey Compatibility. Contrasting personalities seem to be a big factor in the love compatibility between the Ox and the Monkey.

Ox Monkey Love Compatibility

Contrasting personalities seem to be a big factor in the love compatibility between the Ox and the Monkey. A happy relationship might be something that seems unattainable when looking at these two.

At some point, these two Chinese zodiac signs are not very likely to get along. They could have several disagreements if they aren’t attuned to how the other is. Accepting each other’s personalities could lead to a great Ox Monkey friendship.

The ox who is typically reserved and serious could have some fun with the monkey if they allow them to show them what an entertaining time they can have together. If the monkey becomes too enthusiastic though, the calm ox could become uncomfortable and resort to their more traditional nature.

The monkey is energetic and lively and loves to go out and see friends and generally have a very lively social life. They are heavily interested in pleasurable things. They could have issues meeting the standards of their partner.

Cheating on a partner is always a potential for this Chinese sign, who is outgoing and has quite a bit of curiosity to their nature. This might eventually lead to the breakup of the Ox and Monkey relationship.

Very noble, the ox has high expectations of other people. They are more likely to decide to stay at home rather than venture out into a big crowd. They might have issues with this if the monkey happens to land in hot water because of an excitable nature. They are stable and reliable and won’t be able to understand if their lover cheats on them.

However, these Chinese astrology signs do share some common traits. Success and money are highly valued by both of them. They will use different ways to get what they want in that respect though. When the ox man is dating a monkey woman, he finds her to be smart and very appealing.

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The monkey female welcomes the male ox’s steadiness. They will also share some negative traits, though. Both these Chinese signs tend to be somewhat arrogant, which could make living together problematic.

The ox woman is reserved and shy, while the monkey man will be friendly and easily picked out of a crowd of people. The monkey male tends to be more domineering and might see the female ox as seemingly too boring and routine. This is the same case even in bed, when they sexually try to please each other.

In love, the Ox and Monkey have issues showing off their positive traits. The monkey is very often a kind of domination for the ox. However, the ox will not hesitate to criticize their lover for what they perceive to be flaws and negativity.

If the Ox and Monkey soulmates wish to be successful in marriage, they will have to learn to exercise self-control so they both can reach a point of understanding.

Ox & Monkey Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 3 Hearts!

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  1. I am a fire Monkey according to this Zodiac. However; I like stability, I am not a cheater. If I commit it is a done deal. I need some space sometimes but only to recharge. I have curiosity about ancient history and life. I am tired of always being represented as a flacky trollop! I love deeply. Ya’ll may want to rethink this!

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