Fox Totem – Symbol Of Luck and Charm!

Fox Totem – True Meaning And Symbolism

Fox, throughout the world, is a trickster spirit or animal totem. In Japan, there is the Kitsune, a fox spirit that develops magically and increases the age and wisdom. The stories show a great range of personality for Fox, from a trickster to guardian angels, friends, and lovers. Read on to know about fox totem.

In many cultures throughout the world, these ideas occur over and over again. As a result, creating a theme that marks Fox as a spirit guide capable of both cunning and guile. In the middle ages, and indeed mirrored in Disney’s “Robin Hood,” the fox is shown to be a creature of wiliness and guile. Even the term shenanigan and all it implies invokes the fox. The word also translates to “I play the fox.”

Fox Associated Traits

Agile, clever, playfulness, mischief, magic, opportunistic, charming, curious, lucky

fox totem

What Does Seeing a Fox Mean?

Fox as a spiritual animal totem brings us the power of pure luck, always slipping away from the authorities and dodging every possible danger to come out on top. They are playful, quick, and appearing and disappearing as if by magic

And in fact magic is something that the Fox connects to easily. Know that Fox can come to the center of attention and dance in the spot-light. At the same time, misleading all who cast their gaze upon them.

Know also that the Fox symbol is a powerful and wily warrior. It can fight just as cleverly as he conducts himself in every other venue. The Fox totem will allow you to strike at the most opportune time. You will dodge in, cripple the opponent, fool them and use everything around them against them.

All the while Fox, the warrior, will be at play, this is not confrontation, this is playful competition, and there’s no reason why he should not arise on top. Preferably by tricking you into defeating yourself along the way.

For Fox is mischievous, for life’s best lessons are learned through spreading mischief, all the while testing the wits of those he chooses as his targets. Fox will laugh, and wonder why you do not laugh with him! It’s all in fun after all!


The Fox meaning symbolizes that you can slip in and fit anywhere. Their inherent cleverness allows them to slip into any group of people and find themselves accepted with open arms. It allows Fox to move in, around, between, and under any group. Fox can be anyone, do anything, for a little while if need be.

Part of the ability that makes Fox able to do this is the ability to be sly and secretive, to mask their thoughts and intentions while broadcasting an entirely unrelated face. If Fox appears in your dreams, it is often a warning that someone in your life is up to shenanigans.

Know that if there is a Fox symbolism is in your life, your blessings will increase. In return, Fox is incredibly loyal, and are a joyful and fun person to be around. They are forever manifesting their spirit and employing it upon everyone who comes within reach!

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  1. i was outside and a fox appeared with a deer but the deerhide in the brush

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