Thursday, July 7, 2022


How To Do Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis is also popularly known as Graphology. There are many people who wish to learn and master graphology. This learning program will help and facilitate in understanding the significance and interpretation of different features of handwriting.

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What Is Karma?


What Is Karma? We often talk about something being good or bad karma in today's world? But what do we really mean by this? If we look into the traditional meaning of Karma, it involves the intent of a person when doing a deed and the sum of all their deeds in a former life.

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Astrology Chakras

The amalgamation of the systems of astrology and chakras leads to the method of Chakra Astrology. The calculation of astrology chakras is done primarily on the basis of date of birth of a person. Using this date an analysis of chakras is done to find which chakra influences a person the most depending on the zodiac sign.

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4 Ways To Ward Your House

Cleansing gets rid of residual energy, and banishing gets rid of active presences, but what about preventative measures? How can you protect your house from accumulating all those things in the first place? Learn some simple ways to ward your house from negative energy.

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Masculine Or Feminine Test

This free online personality test can tell if the person has a masculine thinking or feminine thinking or the combination of both that is the balanced thinking. Sometimes men may have certain feminine brain patterns of thinking and similarly the women may also be having certain male patterns.

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What Are Crop Circles?

crop circles

For many years there has been hot debate over what exactly causes crop circles. These are usually compressed circles made in grassland that occur overnight. Scientists and amateur sleuths alike are mystified about what causes these indentations in the landscape. This article investigates the various explanations.

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The 4 Types of Dreams

A couple of times, we might catch ourselves being amazed at what happens inside our minds in our sleep. Dreams and the act of dreaming have always been so fascinating to us that we have made the creation of dream journals popular, in addition to the popularity of having our dreams interpreted, even utilizing dream dictionaries. Despite this, we cannot deny that we know only so little about our dreams in general. In order to understand dreaming, take a look at these 4 general types of dreams.

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How To Do Water Meditation

Water meditation is a meditation used for the purpose of calming one's mind and body, reducing body temperature, and slowing heartbeat. It is useful for after a stressful situation, after workouts, and whenever you feel like you need to come down off of a high-tension emotional or physical trip. Here's how to do it.

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How To Test My EQ?

EQ is Emotional Quotient otherwise known as Emotional Intelligence Quotient. This is the best measurement of individuals’ skill to monitor their emotions that include various issues like to control their thoughts, activities, demands and pressures. The main reason behind this measurement is an easy way to identify individuals’ reactions under some circumstances.

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How To Read Palms: The Fate Line

fate line

The final of the four basic lines of palmistry, the fate line is special in that not everybody has got one. It's perhaps the most difficult to read line because of its frequent non-appearance, but it is nevertheless important in the reading of palms.

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How To Read Palms: The Life Line

life line

Now that emotion and intellect have been covered, this time let us talk about the Life line, which is the line of your personal being. It is the line which most accurately portrays your center most existence, and is the one most people are interested in because it portrays the events that happen in your life!

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How To Read Palms: The Head Line

head line

Last article, we talked about the line that governs romance, this time, our palmistry discussion will tell you how to read the head line on your palm or someone else's! Find out about someone's intellectual potential with this information.

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5 Ways To Discover Your Elemental Affinity

Some people work very well when they are near the ocean. Some people prefer to do their mysticism far in the forest. Some people like their rituals done around a bonfire, or in caves, or out in an open field. What elemental significance do these choices have, and how can you identify your elemental affinity? Find out!

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Kabbalah Tarot

Kaballah Tarot Cards

Kabbalah is an age old Hebraic form of mystique which when used with the method of tarot card reading leads to the popular Kabbalah Tarot. Each of these paths corresponds to a card in the tarot cards. The card governs the virtues and vices and the characteristic traits and thus helps in making forecasts.

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