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Chakra Yoga

Chakra Yoga

According to the principles of Chakra yoga there is a connection between the chakras and the different yogasana regardless of whether the chakras are under active or over active. Find out more about your Chakras and yogas.

Chakras are reflective of the nerve centres found along the spine. There are a total of seven nerve centres of chakras. The nerve centres are responsible for the balancing of the endocrine and the highly important central nervous system.

It is a common knowledge that the state in which the mind, soul and the body exists is basically governed by the condition and situation in which the energy nodes are at the particular time.

Chakra is a basically a Sanskrit word which in its literal sense means “wheel” and this wheel is responsible for the controlling the body’s energy flow. The state of these chakras could be affected by another person’s mood and these radiate vibration of very strong energy levels. The chakras should be in an ideal state or a well balance state in order to ensure the well being of a person.

chakraIn general the chakras could either be over active or under active. There are seven basic chakras namely, Muladhara, Manipura, Ajna, Svadhisthana, Anahata, Sahasrara and Vishudda. The proper combination of chakras and Yoga is very essential to ensure the proper well being of a person.

The word yoga literally means ‘to unite.’ The equivalent of ‘yoga’ in English is ‘Asana’ in Sanskrit. ‘Asana’ basically refers to the different postures and poses that the body could be brought into. Yoga is a very ancient form of exercise and meditation and is very important for keeping a person calm and to maintain a balanced level of energy.

The chakra test presented over here helps in imparting knowledge about Chakras Yoga. It is free and easy to use. To use this tool all one needs to do is enter his or her full name and then select the appropriate choice. Having done so, the user needs to click on the button with Free Chakras Yoga Reading written on it.

yogaOnce this is done a series of questions comes up based on which a customized report of this reading is presented. Everyone must try using this tool at last once because in today’s hustle-bustle almost every person is plagues with high level of anxiety, depression and stress.

While the work pressure could not be reduced one needs to resort to other helpful methods like yoga to alleviate the pain. The experts believe that Yoga is the unification of mind body and soul on a spiritual level and this is very important because only when all these three are truly united could one function at his or her best possible level.

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