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How To Do Handwriting Analysis

How To Do Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis is also popularly known as Graphology. Each person has a unique and distinct handwriting. It is believed that there is a close relationship between the handwriting of a person and his or her personality.

Graphology is considered to be a pseudoscientific tool by many. Though surrounded by a shadow of doubt earlier, in the recent times it has gained a lot popularity and trust.

In many of the job interviews a person’s profiling is done on the basis of his or her handwriting and screening of a candidate is also done on the basis of this. It has become very prominent personality tests in the recent times.

There are many people who wish to learn and master graphology. The tool presented over here will certainly help in this direction. This is very good learning tool for the beginners.

This learning program will help and facilitate in understanding the significance and interpretation of different features of handwriting. The meanings of these features are presented in the form of an image so that the user may remember it and its significance.

Image source: handwritinguniversity.com
Image source: handwritinguniversity.com

Some of the most popular features of graphology that are focused upon mainly includes Margins, slants, The Capital Letter ‘I’, size of the writing , The Lower Case ‘o’, word spacing, beginning stroke, ending stroke, T-Bar, I-Dot, , Stems of Lower Case’s’,  The Lower Case ‘e’, The Lower Case ‘m’, The Lower Case ‘g’ and ‘y’, and Signature. While studying choice of different categories are presented and the level of difficulty can also be chosen from the tests.

Handwriting analysisThere are many experts available who could help the people with the learning graphology. However the authenticity of most of these is doubtful. Moreover, the one who are accurate and authentic are either very difficult to approach or very expensive.

To get over this one can use the ‘learn and test graphology’ tool presented over. It is free and easy to use. Once can use it from anywhere. In addition to all this one can verify its authenticity from the reviews of the past users.

Free Graphology Personality Profile

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To use this tool one needs to select the appropriate choice based on whether he or she intends to learn or take a test. After this once the ‘Learn and Test Graphology’ button is clicked upon some easy to follow steps need to be taken care of.

Graphology is not only very accurate but very interesting too and so one must try learning it whenever the chance for it comes.

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