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How To Balance Your Heart Chakra?

How To Balance Your Heart Chakra (Anahata)?

Your relationships are going sour, you feel like you’re becoming more antisocial, and you don’t feel like being with or indulging others because it would be a bother to yourself, even though you’ve opened your Heart chakra (Anahata) already. Here’s what’s probably wrong and how to balance the Heart Chakra.


Remember when you opened your Heart chakra, and you were filled with the love that others give to you daily? When you focus on the people you love and the way you love them? And how your entire mind eased on its worries because you could just remember that feeling of love at any time?

But now, it’s been some time since you opened that chakra, and you’re starting to notice that you’re not feeling that love anymore. You have to look deeper for it, and it does not come nearly as easily.


Your Heart Chakra is probably out of line.

The Heart chakra is easy to let fall out of alignment, because it’s generally one that, once opened, is taken for granted. It is important not to let this happen. Remember that people loving you may be a thing that always happens and that you love others may seem like common sense to you. But one simple slip of the memory and it becomes no longer important and is merely background noise in your life. Taking this 7 Chakras test can give you a clear idea.

How To Balance Your Heart Chakra Anahata

Meditation For Heart Chakra Healing

To realign this chakra may require some time investment. Get two large bowls, one filled with hot water and the other empty. If you have a small ladle, get that too, otherwise, a tablespoon will do. Sit comfortably with the bowls on either side of you.


Breathe deeply in through the nose, out through the mouth. Focus on this breathing until you feel your heartbeat begin to slow down, almost synchronizing with the breaths you take. When your heart has calmed, the meditation begins.


Take the spoon or ladle in one hand, and dip it into the hot water bowl. Draw out a small amount of water, and as you pass it over your lap from one bowl to the other, imagine a person you love or who loves you. Both are good, too. Let the water drip from the spoon into the empty bowl.

When the spoon is empty, as you are moving it back, imagine that person sitting beside you, helping your hands carry the water. Draw another spoonful, and picture another person.

Repeat the Procedure

Repeat this procedure until the bowl of hot water is empty, and the empty bowl is now full. If you cannot think of more people, then you can cycle through the same ones in your head, but think about how to love them differently each time you imagine them. (You can also get a psychic love reading here).

Dip your finger into the now-full bowl. If the water is still warm, repeat the transfer from one bowl back to the other fully. Continue this transfer until the water is cold. The warmth from the water represents the love that you give and receive in your life.

As the water loses its heat, it’s being absorbed into your Heart chakra. You want to get every last bit of the warmth from the water. You can repeat this meditation as many times as is necessary. (find out how to do water meditation)

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