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How To Balance Your Root Chakra?

How To Balance Your Root Chakra (Muladhara)?

Your Root chakra (Muladhara) is your basic, most fundamental chakra. What should you do when it gets out of whack? Here’s how to balance your root chakra.

You’ve opened your root chakra. Congratulations! You felt that sudden new pulsing of spiritual energy that began to course through your veins. You feel your willpower being boosted by the knowledge that you are a concrete being, yourself, and nobody else is you.


But then, maybe you start feeling tired again, like you’re being drawn into the world’s current again. Like you’re starting to drift back into the flow of how everyone else lives, without identity. You feel like you’re beginning to simply be a passive existence again.


Your Root chakra is unbalanced.

The Root chakra is the chakra you should meditate on the most. It’s the gateway to your other chakras, and without a strong Root chakra balance, the rest of your chakras come crashing down all at once. You simply cannot maintain a tower if the base of the tower is crumbled or weak. Here’s a good meditation that can realign your Root chakra’s alignment.

The Root chakra is the chakra you should meditate on the most.

Meditation For Healing

This is a meditation that monks in China and Tibet use in a different form. They understand the body’s energy as Chi and, not chakra energy, but their basis is the same: Connect with the ground. Stand on the solid ground somewhere. The upper floors of buildings will not work. It’s best to stand outside in nature, but the ground floor of a house will also do.


Put your feet shoulder’s width apart, and turn your toes just ever-so-slightly inwards. bend your knees a couple of degrees, and breathe in deeply through your nose. “Screw” your feet into the floor, so that your connection with the ground gets stronger. This is a strong stance. As you draw in your breath, make a circle with the index finger and thumb of each hand, and extend the other fingers fully. (Read more about Chakra Yoga techniques)


“Scoop” up with both hands on the inward breath, as though you’re picking up a pile of feathers. On the outward breath, turn your hands over and let them sink downward as your body sinks slightly further down as well. Bend your knees a few more degrees, but do not move your feet.

Stimulate the Root Chakra

When you breathe in, tighten the muscles between your anus and genitals, as this stimulates the Root chakra. When you breathe out, relax them fully as you sink downward. Your feet may begin to feel hot – that’s good. Every breath you take draws more energy from the earth into your root chakra, and it draws it up through your legs. (Take the Chakra Test to find out if your root chakra is unbalanced)

Make sure that you sink with each breath just a little bit. When you’ve reached your limit for how low you can sink, then keep that position for twenty-five more breaths.

To finish the meditation, take one, final, deep breath, and let your knees straighten back out. Let the circles from your fingers go, and shake your hands and legs out. Make sure to rehydrate yourself after you do this meditation, because it may make you sweat due to its intensity.

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