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9 Reasons Why You May Feel Sleepy At Work

Why You Feel Sleepy At Work?

Some days you may find yourself dragging your feet (and mind!) all through the working day. Why is that? Why is it that some days go fast, you are fresh and enervated with enthusiasm for your work and other days you find it a struggle to get through until the end of the day? That is even with three coffees gulped down in an attempt to clear the cobwebs, to fight the desire to yawn.


This article looks at a few reasons why you might feel sleepy at work? Feel is the operative word since some of the reasons may not be physical but attributed to psychological reasons. Also some of the sources of tiredness may be short-term, others may have been building up over time or longer-term.

#1. Inadequate Hours Of Sleep

The average adult needs 7-9 hours’ sleep. You may think you can get by with less. However during sleep repairs and restoration of your physical health or strength occurs.


The other later sleep (linked to your psychological and mental wellbeing) refreshes your mental capacity and ensures all those synapses are in working order. Cut short either type of sleep by going to bed too late or rising too early and you impact one type of recharging.

late for work

#2. Diet

The food you eat and the liquids you consume have a major impact on your overall energy levels and sense of being tired or alert. Have stodgy fatty foods which are low in fiber, high in sugar and salt and which are heavily processed and you are assuring yourself of feeling lethargic and tired a lot of the time!


Instead substitute your above diet with low processing, more natural fruit and vegetables, especially juices for natural energy lifts, reduce sugar and fat and eat more wholemeal products and you will soon notice feeling less tired at work.

junk food

#3. Time For A Job Change!

The mind has a strange way of telling you things. If you are always yawning at work no matter how much sleep you have had, you might want a new change of scenery.

bored at work

#4. Conflict Not Addressed

Perhaps you have an issue with your significant other or a work colleague. Sometimes when you are avoiding addressing the conflict you can feel “drained” of energy.


The indecision can be energy-sapping or cause you to be grumpy and not enjoy things or cause you headaches and migraines. When you have pre-migraine you often will feel hazy and sleepy too.

unhappy colleague

#5. Working Extra Hours

Working longer hours than assigned, especially long hours over 7-8 hours can cause sleepiness. This is only natural since you have been working in a heightened state of intellectual and physical stimulation for a whole day.

Anything more can start to cut into your down time, your personal time you need for re-charging to give work your all the next working day. Over a long period of time this can not only lead to work tiredness and low motivation but ultimately office or work burnout.

#6. Lighting

Some workplaces do not have the right lighting. The best kind of lighting is that which simulates natural light. More and more offices and workplaces are investing in this lighting design.

Natural lighting can mimic the natural daily life cycle of human circadian patterns. This is in direct contrast to highly unhealthy but popular light fixtures of neon, fluorescent light bulbs.

On the other end of the spectrum is low light, energy-saving light bulbs. Workplaces that are dim are basically not good for eyesight or for general moods. People need a certain amount of light in their day.

Image Source: https://www.hok.com

#7. Commuting

Over the years global commuting has become more and more of an ordeal. Due to the growth of global cities and the cost of housing, many people live further and further from city centers.

This means long commutes before work and on the way home. This is effectively like adding more work to their workday especially when they receive and process work e-mails and phone calls in this previously sacrosanct “downtime”.

travelling to work
Image Source: https://thatcanadiangirl.co.uk

#8. Circadian Cycles

Why this must be noted is perhaps one of the most common forms of sleepiness during the day. Many people are fighting their natural circadian cycle which may not be the 8.30-5pm timetable espoused by the corporate and working world for hundreds of years.

Thus going against circadian rhythms is even more pronounced in shift workers.

Circadian Rythms

#9. Electronic Gadgets

That is right. Turn all screen devices off half an hour before bed. If possible keep them out of the bedroom. They are causing a global sleep deficit. In a recent Australian survey, 7 in 10 teenage children were experiencing extreme sleep disorders due to being addicted to electronic gadgets and checking them 24/7.

There are now programs to educate these teenagers and adults to go back to a simpler pre-screen way of living! This pattern of screen addiction is most likely seen among young adults in the working sector too.

watching tv

So having looked at a few of the causes of sleepiness at your job, we can see there are many possible sources. Another one not mentioned is of course insomnia itself and this is often associated with stress due to overwork. Also, if both workers are kept up by young babies or children this will impact on overall sleep patterns too.

Once you have found the source or sources of your tiredness you can start to make changes to get back your Mojo in your day! We all know when we have it but also all know when it is missing don’t we?

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