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How To Balance Your Crown Chakra?

How To Balance Your Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)?

Those who have opened their crown chakra (Sahasrara) should not need much in the way of balancing, because if they have come this far along in the chakras, then they can likely maintain their Crown. Nonetheless, here are some meditations to balance the Crown Chakra.


Realistically, you’re in the clear for this meditation. If you’ve opened your crown chakra, you’ve gone through all the hard work of opening the other six, in their proper orders, and you know what it generally takes to keep your chakras aligned.

If, somehow, you realize that your crown chakra is out of whack, and you don’t already know how to fix it, then here’s a meditation you can use. But before that find out if your Sahasrara Chakra is unbalanced with this free chakra quiz.


Meditation For Crown Chakra Healing

Sit in the lotus position in a cool, dark room. put your palms together, and lace your fingers except for your little fingers. Leave them straight and put them together. Let your eyes go out of focus and close them halfway.


Find your voice, and let it come through your throat, up through your nose, and out, making a sort of “ng” sound on each out-breath you take. Focus on the location of the Root chakra, and see it as a reservoir.


As you chant this humming sound, see a light trickle down your spine into that reservoir, filling it up from empty. With each breath in, see it be still, and with each hum, see it gather more of this light into itself. It is a huge reservoir, and the flow of this light is slow, but it is plentiful, and will not run out.

Feel Your Root Chakra

When you feel your root chakra fill up, see it attached to the Sacral chakra, and see that reservoir tack onto the first. Continue filling the reservoirs of each of your connecting chakras, until you reach your crown chakra. This is the source of the light that has been filling up your chakras below it.

Now, begin to return that light to your crown, but this time, the change is a low “oh” sound. Open your throat up completely and let the breaths that go through it just vibrate the vocal cords in the most natural way. Slowly see the light creeping back up into your crown chakra, see it reabsorbing and reforming itself above your head. (Find out how to meditate better)

When you have reached the point where your reservoirs have all filled back into your crown, then you are done. Don’t do this meditation more than once every few days, but do be aware that it should take an hour or so to fully finish.

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