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Masculine Or Feminine Test

Masculine Or Feminine Test

Men and women are basically two sides of a coin. If the results of many of the studies are believed the thinking styles of men and women are different from one another. However there are certain brain patterns that cross over. This means that men may have certain feminine brain patterns and similarly the women may also have certain male patterns of thinking.

A clear knowledge and understanding of these processes helps in understanding some of the actions and thoughts that keep coming up in the mind. The style of thinking is unique and the brains’ of different people analyze things differently. The results of Masculine and feminine test can’t be justified as white or black that is right or wrong, in fact these results always lie in the gray area. This only suggests individual ways of thinking and analyzing.

There are basically three different kinds of thinking, namely Masculine thinking, Feminine thinking and Balanced thinking. The people who possess masculine thinking are often very good at analyzing things and at making establishing connection through verbal and communication skills. This kind of thinking dictates practical thinking and there is little space for sensitivity.

male femaleIn the feminine way of thinking people tend be good at creative and artistic work. These people are normally very intuitive and their actions are connected to their heart. On several occasions these people tend to be impulsive.

The third kind of thinking is called the balanced thinking. The people who have balanced thinking patterns in their brains have an amalgamation of the best qualities of male and female thinking. These people can be both sensitive and practical as per the requirements and their timing in this aspect is spot on. These people are very good at adapting and are quite flexible depending on the situation. These people have keen interest in making acquaintance with people of both sexes.

There are many experts available who with their analytical methods are able to judge and tell about the brain patterns in a person. They can tell if the person has a masculine thinking or feminine thinking or the combination of both that is the balanced thinking. However most of these experts are difficult to approach and are pretty expensive.

Masculine Feminine Test

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In addition to this there is no guarantee of the accuracy of their analysis. This personality test presented over here could help avoid all this hassles as it is free to use and could be used from the comfort of your home. On top of that the veracity of the reports of this calculator could be checked from the reviews of the past users.

All one needs to do is enter the name, age and select the gender. Having done this the button with masculine feminine test written on it is selected. After this a series of 20 simple questions comes up. When all the questions are answered then a detailed report comes up which suggest the pattern of thinking of the person.

Anybody and everybody who wants to know more about their thinking style should take this test.

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