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Cancer Aries Love Compatibility

Cancer Aries Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Cancer and Aries emotionally, mentally, and sexually? Read on…

The Cancer and Aries in Love have personalities that are very opposite. Cancer can be sentimental and delicate. They enjoy taking the relationship slow. They might idolize the Aries.


Aries is impulsive and bold. Their fast-paced approach to their connection might prove to be invigorating for their lover. Any emotional aspect of the ram will likely be on the passionate, impulsive side. The crab might find this overwhelming. The ram might be attracted to the crab’s emotional side.

The Cancer personality has a way of using its sensitive side to balance Aries’ more straightforward tendencies. Issues for these two zodiac signs might be due to the crab’s mood swings. The issues could also be due to the Arian being overly aggressive. These two zodiac signs need to be able to listen to each other and accept that they are working towards a goal from different approaches for the Cancer Aries compatibility to work out.


Cancer is a sign of home. Aries is a sign of self. These two zodiac signs are good for each other because they both want to give their loved ones security. The crab will use their shell to shield their family friends and partner and themselves from any trouble that might be threatening it. The ram is courageous and strong and wants to be a hero to those they care about.


In the Cancer Aries relationship, the Arian will enjoy a happy home life and emotional protection courtesy of the crab. Because of this, the Cancerian might be somewhat clingy and will listen to their instincts. This could bother their mate. The ram likes their freedom. The crab will feel better if the ram can reassure them they are in a loving and dedicated relationship.

The Aries man or woman will have to learn to listen to their partner. If both listen to each other, they can keep from making the usual mistakes that come from the lack of planning in the Cancer Aries compatibility.

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Cancer And Aries Love Compatibility – Positive

The planet Mars will rule over Aries. It is known as the God of War. Aries will confidently take on challenges with a type of soldier-like attitude. The ram does not hide their emotions. Their fiery nature is attractive to the crab in the Cancer Aries love compatibility.


The moon is what will rule over Cancer. The crab tends to hold their feelings and emotions inside. They can have a passionate female energy. Aries can guide Cancer to release that energy. Tides of the Earth are controlled by the moon and Cancer has a similar way about them.

The crab will be comfortable working behind the scenes. At the same time, Aries will jump into challenges. The sentimental crab will be able to show the ram how to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Aries could learn to not jump from activity to activity this way.

Cancer is a Water sign and Aries is a Fire sign. The Cancer and Aries compatibility can be good if they are both willing to work together. They will be able to use both feelings and activity to accomplish what they need to. Aries can learn to take a step back and be soft. Cancer can learn to be more social.


The best thing about a Cancer and Aries marriage is that they will work best together when they figure out they are a team together. Aries will be the center of attention. Cancer will offer encouragement from behind the scenes. They will be able to give each other what they are lacking themselves so that their relationship is equalized.

A fire and water sign sexual relationship between the Cancer and the Aries in bed can be seductive and passionate, but also affectionate. Aries is brave and blunt and outside of the physical aspect, those traits can dominate quieter signs. Cancer is kind and quiet, so it will be easy for them to be controlled. (Read about Aries sexuality).


However, if Aries tries to manipulate what they see as the weaker sign, Cancer might surprise them. The crab can be biting when they feel threatened and will hold their own in a fight. This Cancer Aries love compatibility will be most successful if they can each help keep the peace. However, this is not something that will come naturally to them.

The good thing about a Cancer dating an Aries is that they are both action-oriented. Their connection might not be easily maintained, but they will both work at it. Because of this, their relationship could have a certain diligence about it. Another zodiac personality trait that will help the Cancer and Aries compatibility is that they are both determined to provide security for the ones they care about.


The Cancer Aries compatibility will be able to work together if they can accept each other’s opinions and listen to what they have to say. Cancer will easily be seen when Aries is feeling insecure. The ram can be kind to the crab’s emotions.

However, their instincts do not naturally complement each other. Because of this, if they tend to follow their instincts it might be easy to hurt each other’s feelings. Their connection will be intense at first. However, if they want a long-term relationship, the Cancer Aries soul mates are going to have to try to balance things between them.

Cancer Aries Compatibility – Negative

However, the crab can manipulate others emotionally. Too much of the water sign can wash out the fire sign’s excitement. At the same time, the fire sign might dry up the water sign’s emotions, leaving them feeling worn out. For the Cancer and Aries love compatibility to succeed, both these two zodiac signs have to be able to communicate openly if they want to keep their relationship balanced.

Both these zodiac signs are Cardinal signs. They will both easily start things, but they will need to learn how to work together. Aries will seem like they are the dominant ones in the relationship. However, Cancer will have some control in the relationship.

The crab will have the ability to control the relationship with emotions and be able to analyze situations. They will typically be able to compromise more readily. Aries are less likely to want to give in and tend to be more stubborn. Because of this, the Cancer zodiac might always be the one giving in.

The Cancer Aries compatibility might have some disagreements. At the same time, neither one will allow anyone else to attack them. They will have a connection that is strong for both of them. The crab might be too moody and the ram might be too controlling. Because of this, their Cancer and Aries love compatibility might not be very successful and break up. (Here are tips to deal with a breakup).

Cancer And Aries Compatibility – Conclusion

Aries person might seem to be the stronger one. However, Cancer can manipulate emotions, which gives them their kind of strength. The crab is not necessarily a very good communicator and because of this, might not be honest with the ram. They will opt to pull away rather than talk about how they feel in this Cancer and Aries love compatibility.

Aries is a hero and Cancer tends to be clingy. Because of this, the ram might feel suffocated. The crab has to learn to not worry as much and give the ram the space they need. At the same time, Aries has to be able to be considerate of their partner and save their fiery nature for the people in their lives who deserve it.

If the Cancer and Aries friendship can’t hold to these traits, their relationship will not be as successful as it could be. If Cancer is too emotional, it can cause Aries to lose all their excitement and liveliness. At the same time, if the Arian is too blunt, they can cause the crab to be completely worn out emotionally. The Cancer Aries compatibility can make things work, but they have to work together.

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