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Aries Sexuality Personality Traits

Aries Sexuality Personality Traits

Ruled by Mars, Fire, and the Sun, the Aries can only love one way – passionately! The Ram does not hold back when it comes to sexual relations. It is an all or nothing thrill ride, and you better hold on tight to survive.

The search for excitement and adventure drives the sexuality of the Aries man and woman. They don’t understand the idea of looking for the perfect match or waiting for Mr. Right. The Ram jumps into the mix and makes things happen.

As natural leaders, they know their way is the best way, and if they can’t convince their latest infatuation to follow along, they will move on without much concern. The Aries man can seem pushy and domineering, while the Aries woman will devise a plan to make her mate to come around to her way of thinking.

Both the Aries man and woman have a wandering spirit. They love to spend time alone or searching for new opportunities. If you are the jealous type, you will need to put a leash on your green monster. If the Aries man sees it, it may push him into the arms of another lover.

For the Aries woman, it will result in her breaking things off and finding someone else. Starting a sexual relationship with an Aries may seem like too much of a challenge for many people, but the payoff comes in the form of a roller coaster ride you will never forget.

Making love with an Aries is a feast of all the senses. They hold nothing back, pouring all their energy into the act of sex. The Ram will shower you with romantic words, intoxicating kisses, and loving hugs to bring forth moans from their mates.

They expect the same in return, and more often than not, they want their pleasure first. Be wary of what an Aries man says to you in bed. He will mean it 100% in the moment, but once you are both sated, those promises can fly away with the next breeze.

To attract an Aries woman, you will need to play to her natural instincts. She wants to be swept off her feet by someone who can hold his own.

The Aries woman gets plenty of attention by people attracted to her out-going personality. You will have to surprise her if you hope to stand out from all of her other suitors.

Hooking the Aries man is a delicate game of hide and seek. You will know right away if he is attracted to you. The Ram doesn’t mince words or hide behind masks.

The trick to keep him interested is to return his interest, but don’t give in too quickly. Make him work for it, because it is all about the thrill of the hunt for him.

Once the hunt is over, he may quickly become bored if there isn’t some other level of attraction already in place. There is also a danger in playing hard-to-get for too long.

Much like the Aries woman, he has plenty of opportunities for sex, and if he loses interest, the Ram will move on.

In the end, the sexuality of an Aries is all about the fiery side of love. They are passionate people, looking for someone to take on a sexual adventure. The question is, are you up to the challenge?

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