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Cancer Sexuality Personality Traits

Cancer Sexuality Personality Traits

On a first date, just about everyone hides behind a shell, unwilling to soften for fear of getting hurt. This is doubly true when it comes to a Cancer. Still, there is more to the Crab’s sexuality than a hard outer shell, and it is something you don‘t want to miss.

Cancer men don’t fall in love easily, at the drop of a hat. When it comes to emotions, they are guarded, unwilling to let just anyone see what is happening inside the heart.

Before a Cancerian lets you behind the wall, they will test and hold you at arm’s length. There needs to be a high level of trust that you have his or her best interest at heart. Once that is achieved, watch out, because you are in for a deep journey.

For the Cancer man or woman, a loving relationship is no small thing; it is everything. You will get everything the Crab has to offer. The Cancerian will divulge his or her strongest feelings, and expect the same in return. At the same time, the Cancer has a hard time expressing how he or she wants to be touched. You will need to follow verbal cues like clues on a treasure map to make sure you get to the right place.

The Cancer will do the same for you, and you may be surprised at how well this is accomplished. Soon, he or she will know your favorite food, what you like to do after a hard day at work, and whether you need a coat when you go out to eat.

Nurturing is how most Cancer zodiac sign people express their love. For some, that translates to smothering, but that is not how the Cancerian sees it. The Crab only wants to protect the one they love, and what better way to do that then always being there.

If personal space is something you prize, you will need to be very understanding and explain in great detail why you need time alone.  The only other option is moving on.

A sexual relationship with a Cancer woman is not a fifteen minute affair. Don’t expect to turn her on with a few kisses on the neck and a quick grope. You will need an all-day plan, full of long hugs, intimate conversations, and playful kisses.

For added points, run a warm bath for your Cancer and yourself. During the soak, a continuous massage will bring your Crab to boil. When you finally move to the bed, do not get into a hurry.

It is an experience to savor and prolong. Making love is an intensely emotional experience for a Cancer woman, and because of that, it may end in tears.

This is because of the overflowing emotions, but not sadness. If you want a repeat performance, hold her hand, cradle her in your arms and share in the afterglow. By rolling over and falling asleep, you may destroy your chance of loving this Cancer ever again.

Above all else, the keys to the Cancer’s sexuality are emotional intimacy and trust. You can’t get beyond the walls of the Crab without breaking down your own first. You must show that you are there for the long haul, or the Cancerian will question your sincerity. The Cancer wants to know everything about his or her lover, and once that is accomplished, they will fall completely in love.

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