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Cancer Woman Aries Man – A Tough Fiery Relationship

Love Compatibility Between Cancer Woman Aries Man

Can Cancer women and Aries men be together mentally, emotionally and sexually? The relationship between the Cancer woman Aries man is a tough one since he is fiery and intense and she is more fluid and subdued. The male ram can be overbearing to the female crab, causing her to shy away from him. The Cancer woman Aries man will both have to compromise if they want this relationship to be alive.


Cancer Woman Aries Man Relationship – Pros

The Cancer woman has her strengths – she is methodical and works well with others. The Cancer woman will have to appeal to the ego of the Aries male, but being the intuitive woman that she is, this will not be difficult. She knows how to handle anyone and anything. She will offer him a loyal confidante and fierce supporter of whatever he chooses to do.


The Aries man will be instantly attracted to this endeavor, and in return will spoil her by buying her rich gifts and tokens of his affection. Once the Cancer woman Aries man are caught up in their passionate natures, they will be able to move things into the bedroom. Read about Cancer woman sexuality and Aries man sexuality.

And this is one place where the Cancer female in love will shine with her spicy partner, as she is a very passionate and protective lover. He enjoys her skill and intensity between the sheets, and she rises to any occasion that he brings with him. She devotes her entire self to the process, and he appreciates her love and total commitment to this Cancer compatibility.


The Aries man in love is extremely independent, and will not allow anyone to hold him back. The good news, though, is that he makes for a great provider, which will appeal to his caring partner. Security is critical to her, and his ambition allows him to provide a comfortable setting for them to live. Home is where the crab wants to be always.

cancer woman aries man

Cancer Woman Aries Man Relationship – Cons

Cancer being a water sign means she can be emotional, which is sometimes seen as a weakness by the fire sign Aries. This can dampen the Cancer woman Aries man pairing from the start, as he is physically and mentally strong.


The only thing that may get in the way of their sexual relationship and love compatibility is his dominant nature. She is used to taking the lead when it comes to their lovemaking, because of her loving and nurturing qualities. But his commanding personality will not allow anyone else to take the reins of this Aries compatibility.

If the Aries man wants to keep his partner satisfied, he will have to relinquish a bit of control once in a while, as will she. But their need for pleasure will be enough to keep them interested in each other, and their profound loyalty to one another will keep the Cancer woman and Aries man coming back for more.

But outside of the bedroom a relationship between these two zodiac signs will take even more work to maintain. There isn’t much balance between these two sun signs, and both the Cancer woman dating Aries man will have to do some give and take.

Aries men will have to tone down their dynamic nature and quick temper, for any arguments will cause her to retreat into her shell. Dating Cancer women, on the other hand, will have to allow him the freedom to pursue any interest that suddenly arises. However, his love of spending money on lavish things will drive his more cautious mate crazy. She would rather save it for a rainy day.


Cancer is a cardinal water sign whereas Aries is a cardinal fire sign, the Cancer woman Aries man compatibility gets a TWO Hearts rating. He can also help to bring her out of her comfort zone and into more exciting adventures, while she can teach him patience and reliability. If the Cancer woman and Aries man can effectively communicate and learn from each other, they will have a partner for life. This is one zodiac match that is based on compromise.


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