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Cancer Man And Aries Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Cancer Man Aries Woman

Can Cancer men and Aries women have a successful relationship that is compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? Water and Fire don’t mix easily. In fact, they don’t mix at all.

If a Cancer Man is willing to take on the fires of an Aries Woman, he must learn to toughen up and get over his sensitive side if he is going to avoid being burned. Keeping the passion alive is the only way the Cancer Man and Aries Woman love compatibility is going to survive.


Cancer Man And Aries Woman Compatibility – Pros

The Aries Woman is full of passion and will be able to thrive off the attention the Cancer Man is willing to give her. The Cancer Man is able to give the high amounts of love that the Aries Woman will need in order to stay interested in the relationship.


If the Cancer Male is able to keep the passion alive, like it is in the beginning of every relationship, then he has a chance at making a successful relationship with the Aries Woman.

If a Cancer Man Aries Woman relationship is going to work out then the Cancer Man needs to be able to give constant passion and companionship to her Aries Woman and be willing to venture out of his comfort zone with her.


On the other hand, the Aries Woman will need to recognize the sensitivity in her Cancer Man and try to choose her words carefully if she wants to avoid hurting him so often. She is very straightforward and will have a hard time putting a filter on her mouth.

cancer man aries woman love compatibility
Cancer Man Aries Woman Love Compatibility. A Relationship That Is Full Of Conflicts & Low Tolerance But Can Survive With Understanding

Cancer Man Aries Woman Relationship – Cons

It is hard to understand where they are mostly likely to meet since the Cancer Man likes to stay home while the Aries Woman likes to be out of the house. Only when he is willing to give up most of his qualities, will he have a fighting chance at sticking up with the high pace of an Aries lady.


The sensitivity of the Cancer Man and his ability to look into the depths of anything, is what might get him burned from the fires of the Aries Woman. She understands love more as an experience than an emotion or personal connection. More than likely, the first conflicts in the Cancer and Aries love match will arise in the bedroom due to different sexual preferences.

Once you get an Aries Woman angered, it is hard to calm her down from the high. The sensitive Cancerian will have a hard time dealing with the heated emotions of his Aries female, let alone her ability to criticism that the Cancer Man might not be able to handle.

Cancer Men look for stability in their life while Aries Women are always looking something to conquer. She likes to explore and start new projects, while he would rather stay at home and build upon his relationships with friends and family.

Eventually the Aries Woman will do something or say something that will truly hurt the feelings of the Cancer Man. The worst part is she will probably be too busy to even notice. She functions on a high level while he  will take the time to ponder but making any actions.

Eventually the Aries female will run out of patience with her Cancer lover. She will see his slow paced life, full of stability, and sentimental emotions as a threat to her own progression.

The Cancer Male will eventually become too hurt to want to continue the Cancer Aries relationship any longer. These two zodiac signs couldn’t be more opposite and give little potential to a long last relationship.


Cancer is a water sign that is cardinal and Aries is a fire sign that is cardinal by nature. The Cancer man Aries woman compatibility gets a TWO Hearts love rating.

It is rare that a Cancer Man and Aries Woman will form a lasting relationship. There love styles are complete opposites and they will often end up disliking each other very much.

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