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Cancer Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Cancer Sagittarius Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Cancer and Sagittarius emotionally, mentally, and sexually? Read on…

The Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility is a slow, but steady one. These two signs will want to take their time when it comes to getting to know each other. The Cancer and Sagittarius in love will want to get to know each other on a deeper and more emotional level than some of the other signs would be willing to do.


Overall, the Cancer Sagittarius relationship will grow stronger and deeper as time goes on. When these signs learn to play from their strengths and help each other with their weaknesses they can make beautiful romance together.

Both Cancer men and women are emotional creatures, but because of their wildly changing emotions, they are very adaptable people. They can quickly change to fit the current situation. This is a great skill that can help the crab at work, school, or in social situations in general. However, they will not want to change for their romantic partner.


Even though they are not the most independent sign, they still have their dignity, and they will prefer to stick to their crab personality, rather than changing it to make someone else happy. They especially hate it when someone tries to change their traits or confuse their emotions.


They usually have a pleasant disposition, but if someone hurts them emotionally or physically they won’t be likely to be kind to them in the future. If someone respects the Cancerian and is kind to them, then they are likely to be nice and loyal in return. They want to be with someone enjoyable to be around.

Sagittarius men and women alike both crave adventure and excitement in their lives. This correlates wonderfully with Cancer’s adaptiveness. This sign is an independent one, and they won’t want anyone trying to tell them what to do. They look for fun in things that satisfy their interest; they would much rather plan a date than be surprised by one that they might not enjoy.


Sagittarius is also a rather social sign; they never want to miss an opportunity to go to a party. It is easy for this sign to make friends because of this Sagittarian trait, and it is not too hard to attract a romantic interest either. Because they have so many friends, they are used to sharing their time with many people, and so they realize that their friends spend time with other people as well.

The Archers are not a jealous or angry sign when this happens, they accept it; it is part of everyday life. So long as a  partner can keep them entertained and busy in a Cancer Sagittarius love compatibility, it is likely that the couple will have a great time together and have an adventurous relationship that lasts for years.

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Cancer And Sagittarius Love Compatibility – Positive

Although some of these sign’s traits may be different from each other, there are still some great pros to this Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility. Since Sagittarius is a social sign, they are great at talking to people, no matter what the topic is. They will have no problem comforting their partner if they need the help; they will do what they know to be right. This will make the Cancer Sagittarius friendship bond even more strong.

Cancer is an emotional sign, and often they need to talk about their feelings. They will love that they don’t need to hide their feelings. This will be able to create a deep bond between the two, making their relationship all the stronger and stable. It might take a while before the Cancerian is open about every thought and feeling they have.

Sagittarius will see this as a sort of challenge. They will do whatever they can to make their lover feel more comfortable about sharing how they feel and think. They love to be in a trusting relationship, and their love will become more passionate as they feel like they can trust their partner more. This will be able to help to make their bedroom experiences more passionate as well. It may take a while to make the Cancer Sagittarius relationship in bed work this well though.


In return, the Sagittarius may also reveal some feelings or secrets of their own. Both the Cancer and Sagittarius soul mates will love the mutual amount of trust between them. Both members of this Cancer Sagittarius marriage will need to put a lot of effort into making their relationship as romantic and idealistic as they both want it to be.


Luckily, Cancer is so adaptable, so it will not be hard for them to make the necessary changes to make the relationship work out. They will love the adventurous side of the Archer it might be what attracts them to this sign in the first place. However, the crab is not the most exciting sign out there, so they may have to change a lot about themselves to get Sagittarius’ fancy in return.

Sagittarius is also an intellectual sign, which can also help to attract a Cancer. Cancer loves to learn all that they can about their partner and their adventures. But they may not stick around long enough to tell them everything that they want to know before they are off on a new adventure. This can make the chances of a short-term Cancer Sagittarius compatibility high, but a long-lasting romance low.

Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility – Negative

Sadly, there are some cons to a romantic relationship in a Cancer and Sagittarius love compatibility. While their love can be passionate at times, it is not likely to be passionate for a long time. Sagittarius wants to be able to see the world, not be chained down to a relationship and stuck in one place because of it.

This will make Cancer feel poorly because most members of this zodiac sign like to stick to traditional values. This is a sign that usually want to spend a lifetime with a partner, not just a few weeks, if that. (Read about Sagittarius sex traits).

It is must more likely that the Cancer dating a Sagittarius will have a simple one-night stand rather than a relationship that will produce a loving family. Then again, it is not likely that Sagittarius will be around long enough for the crab to even begin to think about having a family with them. This is also a flirtatious sign, and Cancer is a sensitive and jealous sign. These traits don’t tend to mix well together and it can easily cause problems to begin before a real romance has even started.

When Cancer gets upset, they may not even trust their Sagittarian partner enough to talk about their feelings with them. This can cause further discourse and poor feelings within the Cancer Sagittarius compatibility. This romance is complicated, to say the least.


These two signs simply have too many differences to make the relationship work. The differences between them might be fun and exciting for a little while, but once the two realize that their differences are here to stay they might start having second thoughts about their relationship.

One of the questions they might ask themselves could be, “How did it get this far in the first place?” Of course, these signs are perfect together if they are looking for a casual fling, but it is extremely difficult to make things work in the long run for this Cancer and Sagittarius love compatibility.

Cancer wants a commitment, and they will do what they can to try to keep the relationship working, even if things start getting awkward for Sagittarius. These two signs are likely to start drifting apart and then one day reach an abrupt end of their relationship.

Cancer And Sagittarius Compatibility – Conclusion

In conclusion, this Cancer Sagittarius love compatibility is great if these signs want a quick and casual fling, but this pairing is not likely to make a match that will last forever. Cancer should be wary when entering a relationship like this, as their feelings are likely to be hurt when things end. Sagittarius should also be wary, as their partner is easily offended and then they would have to live with the burden of having a clingy companion after what was supposed to be a one-night stand.

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