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Identifying Your Animal Totem

What Are Animal Totems?

Animal totem is important for our spiritual journey and well-being. Each creature has proven to be an important symbol that can be called upon by a person to get in touch with themselves. With close examination, we can see that animal totems possess attributes and characteristics that relate to those found within each human.


When we delve deeply into our hearts and minds, we can more easily recognize and analyze the specific qualities that make up our characters. However, each of us must be capable of properly identifying the appropriate totem for us to reap the benefits that they offer.


One Or More Animal Totems?

We are not limited to a single animal totem at any time in our lives. On the contrary, we may have several spiritual guides in animal form throughout our lives. Sometimes, an animal totem will appear in your life for a short period, making its presence known only when you truly require it. Once it has served its purpose and your mental and spiritual needs have been met, the animal may leave your awareness and be replaced by another.


The timing and changing of animal totems varies for each person and each situation, as it is dependent on the direction that we are headed on our journeys. No matter what, though, when an animal totem is present in your life it will play an active role in instructing, guiding, and protecting you as you discover how to navigate through your life in a mindful and meaningful way.


How Do You Identify Your Animal Totem?

While searching for a suitable spiritual guide, you must allow your mind to be open and receptive. Empty your heart and mind so that it may be filled with the messages that nature wishes to teach you. To reap the benefits of a spiritual guide, you must first be able to identify what your animal totem is. If you are drawn to a particular animal or if one, in particular, speaks strongly to you, it can be interpreted as a sign that this creature is an appropriate totem symbol.


If you are uncertain and are looking for a place to start, there are several basic questions that you can ask yourself to set off in the right direction. First, what animals are you drawn to? Make a list of the creatures that have played a meaningful role in your life and research their behaviors, traits, and accepted symbolism. Which of them speaks most loudly to you by coming across your path?

To keep this organized and identify patterns, you can keep a journal detailing your animal encounters, both in your physical life and spiritual consciousness. If this seems too complex, think about the last time you went for a walk in a park or went to a zoo. Which animals were you most interested in seeing and learning about? Also, reflect on the nature of the animals in your dreams. Consider which animals have floated into them. What were the circumstances of these dreams? It’s important to remember that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Only you can work out responses that are true and relevant for yourself.

Potential Animal Totems

Alternatively, you can start narrowing down your list of potential animal totems by weening out those that you are sure are not. You can also use some very basic mental strategies to accomplish this. For example, have you ever been bitten or attacked by an animal? If so, it may be safe to assume that you cannot work with this animal totem as you are not on the same spiritual plane. More simply, think about those animals that scare you. By doing this, you are enabling yourself to come one step closer to identifying the right totem for you.

Don’t be discouraged if you do not immediately identify your totem. It can be a lengthy, but very worthwhile, experience. If after all of the above considerations you find yourself continuing to struggle with identifying your totem animal, set aside time for yourself to practice silent meditation. Ask your animal to make itself known to you. You can use various calming tools to assist you in awakening your awareness and consciousness, such as incense, oils, or teas.

Even during times of difficulty, you mustn’t give up. Sometimes, your totem is nearby, watching to determine your seriousness and dedication to connecting with it. With persistence and resilience, it will show itself to you at the right moment, when you are truly ready to embrace the impending relationship with your animal totem.

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