Animals In Dreams Symbolism

Animals In Dreams Symbolism

Dreams have been a mystery to humans since they have started dreaming. The average person has several dreams a night, but it is unlikely that they will remember all, or even any, of these dreams.

There is still speculation as to why people even have dreams, no one really knows why it happens. Some psychologists say that dreams are our minds playing back our day so that we can better remember what happened in waking life. Some think that it’s simply random pictures, and others think that our dreams could hold meaning that can help us in our waking lives.

Some other groups of people even think that some dreams, depending on their meaning, can be prophetic. In this article, we are going to go with the assumption that things in our dreams have meanings, whether they foretell the future or not is up to your own beliefs. Different animals in dreams have different meanings and symbolism, and this is what we will be talking about in this article. Keep reading to better understand what some of these common dream animals mean.


Cat Animal Symbolism

Cats are a common dream animal symbol. This is probably because many people keep cats as pets. Cats don’t just represent your own cat, Fluffy, in dreams though. Dreaming of cats has to deal a lot with feminine aspects, especially if you are female.

Cats are very secretive creatures who tend to like to spend their time alone. Because of this, cats in dreams can symbolize hidden meanings and hidden ideas even within ourselves. If you dream of cats, then you should start exploring within yourself to see what mind be hidden. By finding it, you can have a better understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Dog Animal Meaning

Dogs are another common dream pet. Like the cat, dreaming of your dog symbolizes much more than your physical pet. Dogs are said to be “man’s best friend” which adds to their dream symbolism. Dogs represent loyalty in dreams, so long as it’s a nice dog. If you are dealing with a barking or biting dog in your dreams, then you it have to do with having a guilty conscious. Fess up if you have done something wrong and it could cure you of having nightmares with dogs in them. Dogs can also symbolize impulsiveness if you are not in control of the animal. But if you are then it means that your life should be relatively peaceful at the moment. Depending on what your dream dog is doing greatly affects its dream symbolism.

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Snake Animal Symbolic Meanings

Snakes are scary things to see in dreams most of the time, but their dream symbolism isn’t all that spooky. When you see a snake in your dream it symbolizes that there is something in you that you need to act on. If you have a good feeling in your waking life, do whatever it is that it giving you that feeling. If you have a bad feeling, avoid it.

A snake bite in a dream is said to predict an unkind person coming into your life. Be especially wary after a dream like this. If your dream snake is shedding its skin then it may mean that you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You too need to grow out of it and do something new or go somewhere different.

These are just a few of the animals that can provide symbolism to your dreams. You can buy many dream books on the topic, and you can read more articles on this site about animal symbolism that often relate well to dream symbolism. Have fun decoding your dreams!

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