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5 Ways To Pamper Your Wife

As time passes by, you might begin to realize how far your relationship with your wife has drifted from what it used to be a long time ago. What with all the pressures of reality taking a toll on both of you, there’s nothing unusual with having your relationship changed through time. The good news is, it’s never too late for you to try to turn things around. Here are 5 tips to pamper your wife and relive your relationship’s old flame:


    1. Take time to give her compliments:

      The easiest way to make your wife feel special and appreciated is to throw compliments her way regularly (make it daily!). Do not limit your compliments to her physical attributes – find something good to say on things she does and/or has an interest on. If she prepares a meal for you, show her you appreciate what she does by complimenting the food she cooks. If she dresses up for an occasion, show her that you think she looks beautiful by complimenting her makeup or her dress.

      You should always remember, though, that your wife, who probably knows you so well, would know when you are being genuine and when you are just bluffing. Although it is important to give her compliments, only make them if you genuinely believe them. Never make the mistake of convincing her of something you don’t really think is true. If she finds out you’re lying, you might end up worse off than when you started.

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    2. Share what she likes doing:

      If your wife has a favorite TV show, the next time she watches it, offer to watch it with her. If your wife likes going for walks to the beach, go and take a walk with her. Sharing your wife’s hobbies is another way to make her feel loved and special. It would show her that you, being her husband, is interested in things she likes and that you would want to share and experience them with her.


      Again, it is very important to avoid doing this just for the sake of making her feel good. Never let your wife feel that you were just forced to do these types of things with her. As much as possible, only offer to share in things that you genuinely want to do and try, and most importantly, remember to enjoy the time you spend together.

      From compliments to surprise dinner dates - pampering your wife should be as easy as 1,2,3!
      From compliments to surprise dinner dates – pampering your wife should be as easy as 1,2,3!
    3. Make her a handwritten letter:

      With all the use of technology nowadays, you probably don’t remember the last time you left your wife even just a short sweet note. It would be nice to give her a break from all these texts, e-mails, and phone calls, and write her a sweet personal letter instead.


      This is perfect if lately you haven’t had the time to talk with her a lot. Pour all the things you want to tell her into your letter, and your letter should remind her how special and important she is to you. A handwritten letter will surely mean a lot to your wife – she would appreciate how you took the time and effort just to make her feel loved.

    1. Surprise her:

      One of the best ways to pamper your wife is to surprise her, even with the little things. You could try serving her breakfast in bed, giving her flowers out of occasion, and/or taking her out to eat during her lunch break. She would feel very special and loved once she sees how you have put thought into doing these surprises for her.

    1. Take her out for a date:

      Now that you’re married and you’re living together and seeing each other’s face all the time, you might forget to go out and have a little time to yourselves outside the comfort of your home. Once in a while, it is nice to take your wife out for a date. It could be as romantic as a fancy dinner, or as simple as having a picnic by the lake or even just going to the movies together. After all, what matters most is your effort, and that you both enjoy the time you spend together.

Pampering your wife need not to be expensive. All you need is a little inspiration and creativity, and you would end up feeling like newly-weds all over again.

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