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7 Best Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Here it comes – the birthday, Valentine’s Day, the anniversary. You’re going to need a gift for your girlfriend. But how can you choose something she’ll absolutely adore? Here’s a hint – avoid electronics, car accessories and household appliances. (My husband bought me floor mats for my birthday once. He hasn’t done it again.)


Luckily, there are lots of gifts that will reflect your romantic feelings and melt her heart. The real gift is your thought and your understanding of her. It doesn’t have to be an object you buy, and it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Use your imagination to create a truly special experience. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

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Top Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

#1. Romantic Outing

Take her on date designed to pull her romantic heartstrings. Have a picnic with champagne. Make a candlelit dinner. Drive up to a scenic overlook for a classic make-out session. Include flowers. And if you can make it a surprise, even better.

candlelight dinner

#2. Pampering

Women so love to be pampered. Give her a spa day or take a couple’s massage. You can create pampering at home by sending the kids off to a babysitter, drawing a great bubble bath and rubbing her feet while she relaxes.


If you’re a true romantic, wash her hair. It’s a very romantic gesture and the scalp massage will make her toes tingle.

couple bath

#3. Time Off

Your girlfriend has a busy schedule. Sometimes the most precious gift involves just a little quiet time. You can take the kids for a day or run errands. You can do some of her chores so she can relax. If she’s having a birthday party, offer to do the planning, so she can just enjoy it. Get someone to come and clean the house or hire a chef to cook meals for a week. She’ll relish the unexpected freedom.

cook for your girl

#4. Personalized Playlist

Back before CDs and mp3 players, romantic partners would make cassette tapes for each other with favorite meaningful music. You can do the same with a CD or mp3 playlist. Go to your favorite music marketplace and select a great collection of songs that tell her how much you love her and remind her of the great times you’ve had. It’s a simple gift that shows how much you think of her.

#5. Jewelry

Most women love jewelry, especially if you can personalize it. If she loves traditional rings and necklaces, you can have them inscribed with a message. If she collects charms, you can add to her collection with something meaningful to you both.


Or if she prefers casual hand-made pieces, you can have something made especially for her. Jewelry that you buy on a trip is also a great idea. It will be a constant reminder of the great time you had together.


#6. A New Best Friend

If your girlfriend has been thinking about a pet, it can be a great gift from you. If she loves animals and can take care of a pet, she’ll be delighted with this gift. If you think she might want to pick it out herself, then it doesn’t have to be a surprise gift.


You two can look for the right pet together. If she already has a furry best friend, add a little gift for her pet in with your gift for her. She’ll love that you thought of it.

#7. A Memory Book

A book with photos and messages from great times you had together will give her twice the enjoyment. She’ll love that you put it all together and she’ll love revisiting the fun you had. The book subject could be a vacation, your first few dates, the first year she had her dog or anything you both shared.

To make it super special, try to include photos she didn’t take so they are new to her. Take the time to add graphics and funny captions to the photos. You can also include favorite quotes. Memory books should also tell a story of your relationship, so think of organizing your photos into a beginning, middle and end.

Whatever you decide to give her, focus on the thought. Make sure your gift shows that you spent time thinking about what she’d love and you made the extra effort to create something special for her.

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