Tarot Meditation For The Fool Reversed

Associated Colors:

Black for Protection, Red for Discord

Associated Incense:

Opium scented, for dreamlike state, inattentiveness.

Meditation For The Fool – Reversed

Feel yourself falling into the Fool Tarot card, and you will find yourself with the Fool. Beware the surroundings, for they will be perilous. You will see the Fool wandering throughout this meditation, ragged, torn, exhausted, but seemingly unaware of all the damage he has taken.

His attendant dog is mangy, weary, care-worn, and has long since ceased trying to warn or guide the Fool out of danger. The Fool has kicked him for his cautioning, and now the dog no longer has the strength or will to warn his once loving master.

Throughout this tarot meditation for the Fool in reversed position, you will see the warning against not heeding life’s lessons.

The Fool has gone beyond his simple optimistic view, and has hardened his mind to learning and experience.

In the tarot meditation for the Fool in reversed position, you will see the warning against not heeding life's lessons.Where he started his journey with a broad mind and a hopeful demeanor, now it is sheer stubbornness and disregard that keeps him going.

When one powers on because one refuses to learn, they have moved past wisdom and into foolishness. There is nothing to be gained through willful ignorance, and the path of this Fool shows that.

While you travel, look around for familiar faces and goals, experiences that you yourself may have had and not learned from. The lesson of this major Arcana card is the repercussions of inattentiveness.

It may be a useful meditation to take when we have lost our way. When we are fearlessly charging on but constantly getting harmed.

When everyone tells us to stop, and their warnings hold out. Sometimes it isn’t bravery that drives us, but fear of failure and stopping.

Be aware of the coming end of this meditation. Pay special attention if you are in this state yourself. You may continue going on trying to find some validation that you are not this Fool.

You will try to prove that your position in life is not related. Know that if you must keep searching for this, you likely are indeed this Fool.

Once you have reached the end of this meditative path, rise up and extinguish the candle and incense. Write what you have observed in your tarot journal, while you are still fresh with the experiences of the meditation in your mind.

Once you have completed writing, give yourself a few moments to come back to yourself. Take special care with the lessons of this card, they can deter one from much hardship.

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